I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


And?…now I’m a vegan, apparently.

I knew it was coming when I went back to being a vegetarian last summer, so I started warning my husband then. But the movie Vegucated sort of cinched it for me last weekend. So on Monday I began a week-long experiment to see if I could handle being a vegan. The week’s not over yet, but I can already see that the experiment wasn’t necessary…there’s not much to handle, really. I’m a vegan.

I’ve got a butter substitute (that I love), a cream substitute (that I can deal with), a cheese substitute (that just reminds me that I don’t really need to have cheese on stuff), and I’m pretty much okay. I’ll miss eggs from time to time, hubby’s desserts will be off limits until he starts making vegan ones, and his mac and cheese will be missed, but that’s just about it.

It’s sort of like being a vegetarian in that you take it one meal and one day at a time. I’m in this for the ethical issues (I hate that the stuff I eat comes from the suffering, fear, pain, and death of helpless creatures), but also for the health and environmental issues. And I’m playing with the whole foods approach, so everything tastes amazing with great textures, plenty of flavor, and color. Bought the Forks over Knives Cookbook, which is lovely, and picked up a couple of vegan cookbooks at the library just to read for ideas. It’s all good and stupidly easy.

Anyway, if you’re thinking of going vegetarian or vegan, I recommend the movie Forks Over Knives (free on Hulu) for the health and science information. It’s a little heavy on the science in places, but those are also the parts of the movie that are the most compelling. And then try Vegucated (streaming on Netflix) for the animal welfare and environmental information. Vegucated is also nice cause it shows regular people going vegan for just 6 weeks.

Finished my third run for week 1 of the C25K, but I might do day 3 again just to be sure I’m ready to move on. Keeping the speed on 4.5mph for all but the last run, when I run an interval at 5mph. Yoga’s going well, and the weekends are reserved for longer walks with hubby…usually 3 miles each day, but with 7 inches of unpacked snow to walk on today, we did only 2 miles in about the same amount of time. So the vegan thing has had no impact on my energy level. If anything, I seem to be sleeping better at night.

Okay, that’s all for today.

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On February 9, 2013
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tiny2b Says:

And….. I’m back. Glad to see a familiar face still here. Going to write my first post on this site since Mayn2011! xox


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