I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.



My typical Tuesday morning meeting was cancelled, so I hit a morning yoga class instead. Loving the new studio: high ceilings, old wood floors, plenty of natural light, and chandeliers. There was a lot of worry over parking since it’s in a downtown area, but metro Detroiters get that way about their cars…no one’s much into walking for practical purposes ’round here.

Then I pretty much blew off the rest of the day. It was 4 degrees (less with the wind chill) and after yoga and grocery shopping for dinner, I didn’t feel like fighting the wind on the long walk from the parking lot to my building. So I stuck around the house, did a little work and some light emailing, but I’ll pay for this tomorrow when I have to play catch up.

Watched last night’s episode of “Biggest Loser” tonight and got inspired to put on my running shoes again. Nothing big. I promised myself a mile walk/run. Walked–1 min, ran–5 mins, walked–5 mins, ran–5 mins, walked–30 seconds, ran–1 min. A little more than a mile when all was said and done, and I’m sort of proud of that. My chest was on fire, and I was sure I’d have a heart attack, but I didn’t, so we’ll give it a try tomorrow night after yoga.

Food today wasn’t great:

  • Morning: orange and carrot juice (about 6 oz), coffee with half and half
  • Lunch: two eggs, American cheese, English muffiin, 1 tbs butter
  • Dinner: red curry veggies over brown rice
  • Snacks: beer (10 oz), 32 Ghiradeli chocolate chips, chai tea with palm sugar (about 50 calories total)

Tomorrow’s challenge (aside from the cold) will be breakfast with a job candidate at one of my favorite breakfast joints. I usually get the eggs Benedict with tomato instead of meat. Tomorrow I’m thinking big glass of tomato juice and oatmeal. It’s surprisingly fun to have oatmeal at a restaurant, especially if they have lovely dried fruit to put on it. Calorie-wise it’ll probably be a wash, but it’s more about making a smart, healthy choice instead of doing my usual thing.

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