I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.



My typical Tuesday morning meeting was cancelled, so I hit a morning yoga class instead. Loving the new studio: high ceilings, old wood floors, plenty of natural light, and chandeliers. There was a lot of worry over parking since it’s in a downtown area, but metro Detroiters get that way about their cars…no one’s much into walking for practical purposes ’round here.

Then I pretty much blew off the rest of the day. It was 4 degrees (less with the wind chill) and after yoga and grocery shopping for dinner, I didn’t feel like fighting the wind on the long walk from the parking lot to my building. So I stuck around the house, did a little work and some light emailing, but I’ll pay for this tomorrow when I have to play catch up.

Watched last night’s episode of “Biggest Loser” tonight and got inspired to put on my running shoes again. Nothing big. I promised myself a mile walk/run. Walked–1 min, ran–5 mins, walked–5 mins, ran–5 mins, walked–30 seconds, ran–1 min. A little more than a mile when all was said and done, and I’m sort of proud of that. My chest was on fire, and I was sure I’d have a heart attack, but I didn’t, so we’ll give it a try tomorrow night after yoga.

Food today wasn’t great:

  • Morning: orange and carrot juice (about 6 oz), coffee with half and half
  • Lunch: two eggs, American cheese, English muffiin, 1 tbs butter
  • Dinner: red curry veggies over brown rice
  • Snacks: beer (10 oz), 32 Ghiradeli chocolate chips, chai tea with palm sugar (about 50 calories total)

Tomorrow’s challenge (aside from the cold) will be breakfast with a job candidate at one of my favorite breakfast joints. I usually get the eggs Benedict with tomato instead of meat. Tomorrow I’m thinking big glass of tomato juice and oatmeal. It’s surprisingly fun to have oatmeal at a restaurant, especially if they have lovely dried fruit to put on it. Calorie-wise it’ll probably be a wash, but it’s more about making a smart, healthy choice instead of doing my usual thing.

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On January 22, 2013
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A Loss!

2 pounds since my last weigh-in…a couple of weeks ago. Okay, not lightening fast loss, but I’ll take it and whatever other losses I can generate.

Last two days I’ve taken 1-hour walks on the trail. No yoga…my studio is moving and today is the first day in the new place. I’m excited to see it, especially since they’ve been packing people into their classes, over-crowding the classes like crazy. Not. Very. Zen.

My goal is 100 hours of yoga before summer. I’m at 24 now. My other goals are a 20 pound loss since my last visit to the doctor, lowered cholesterol and triglycerides, and a BMI closer to the overweight numbers.

Two pounds ain’t much, especially since I see my doctor in March. But it’s a start!

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On January 20, 2013
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Finally, some consistency!

I’ve been taking yoga 3-4 times a week since early October and LOVE IT! Still a vegetarian and playing with being a vegan on some days. Walking. And juicing 1-2 meals a day.

Am I a lot lighter than I was my last post in July? Nope. But the weight is coming off, I feel stronger, and this is now a journey I’m on rather than a trip I’m dreading.

I’ll update the ticker to the right as I lose. I see the doctor on March 8th, so I’d like to be at a preliminary target weight by then…12 pounds to that first target.

I’ve also set up some rewards for each 10 pound loss so that rather than watch those pounds go and come back, I’ll celebrate their going in some formal way.

What are you doing to reward yourself?

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On January 16, 2013
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