I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Let’s get honest…

183 pds, and I’m 5″

I’ve gained and lost the same damn 20 pounds for 3 years now.

Kidding myself about my weight…fine, whatever.

Killing myself with my weight…NOT OKAY!

Hubby got us a new doctor who is pretty proactive. Not medication wise, it’s just a different attitude about health that I think I like.

So…history of heart disease and high cholesterol in my family and she’s got me on 3000 mgs of fish oil (put it in the freezer and the whole belching up fish oil all day side effect disappears…new doctor’s idea).

Low cholesterol diet and much, much more exercise. I’ve got three months to improve the following numbers:

total cholesterol: 243 (should be under 199)

triglycerides: 131 (I’m okay, but would like to be even lower…recommended is less than 149)

LDL (the bad stuff): 153 (should be below 129)

HDL (the good stuff): 64 (I’m okay here…should be more than 40).

So…three months of veggies and fruit and oat meal and walking and yoga…progress on the scale and progress in the blood.

Here goes everything!

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By bigprof
On January 27, 2012
At 7:32 pm
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