I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


No sleep til Brooklyn…

Unfortunately, it’ll probably be years before I get to Brooklyn again, so…

No sleep.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid work stress. (actually, writing stupid over and over again was kinda Zen & almost made me feel better, try it!)

Yeah, the insomnia is killing me. Or work is killing me and its weapon is stress and insomnia. Bleck.

On the up-side, lots of exercise! Yesterday we moved a new colleague’s furniture from a giant truck into our garage, where it will stay until she can find a place to live; then gardening; then a 4.5 mile walk with hubby and the dog. Our walks have really increased, although today I couldn’t do more than 1 mile because I’m so damned wiped.

Hubby’s got atkins-friendly custards working in the oven. Yum.

Apparently this is a random-thoughts blog post, so I should probably end here.

Anyway…happy hump day!

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By bigprof
On June 22, 2011
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I like losing!

But then, who doesn’t?!

Down 5.1 today, after only 5 days on Atkins! Of course, it’s all water weight, but I don’t care one bit because after the water weight comes the fat weight.

Meanwhile, it’s hot and muggy and I’m tired from a 3hour meeting, and I really don’t feel like walking right now. I’m sure I’ll change my mind when it cools off and hubby puts his shoes on to go, but right now I just want to stretch out with a good book and a nice cold glass of water.

Last night made sugar free jello for a treat, and hubby’s making his shrimp dip tonight since we’re both sick of eating eggs for snacks. That’s the thing that drives me crazy about this diet, all the food prep.

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By bigprof
On June 20, 2011
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Hubby wants a stationary recumbant bike…

This could be the start of something wonderful! And I’m excited he wants to start exercising beyond our daily walks, but we already know he’ll be at his goal weight long before I can ever hope to be…what if he gets into amazingly athletic shape before me as well?

It’s a silly thing to worry about, but that’s what I guess I’ve decided to worry about today. The plus side is that after finally catching up on what everyone here’s been up to since I went (inexplicably) away there, I’m inspired to do some yoga. Not just inspired. I’m going to do some yoga.

& here we go!

UPDATE: did it, 30 mins of yoga, 60 min walk with hubby and dog (with a shorter walk to follow as soon as it cools off).

AND my excuse for not doing pilates for the last year+ is that my favorite pilates workout was on VHS and hubby got rid of the VCR. So obviously there’s no possible way for me to fix this impossible situation and actually get back to doing pilates again. I think we can all see the logic at work here.

Okay, so after yoga I ordered it in DVD form from amazon & tomorrow I’ll pick up a copy at the library to hold me over til it gets here. That’s right, it’s been sitting on a shelf in my public library all this time. So…lamest excuse evah has been eliminated.

My WW weigh in day is tomorrow. I had a 1.2 lb loss last week, but I hope to see more than that now that we’re doing atkins. Fingers crossed everyone!

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On June 19, 2011
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mmmm…chai tea vanilla shake

& it’s atkins, induction friendly.

So I discovered these chai tea bags last night and they are amazing. It’s the Stash chai tea in the purple box*.

Today I combined my cooled tea with two scoops of vanilla protein shake mix (a kind made with splenda/sucralose), cream, and ice. And it is so much heaven! Last night I realized the tea alone could get me through induction, but today is even sunnier since I’ll replace eggs with this 25g protein, 4 gram carb shake once in a while as well (2 from the shake mix and 2 from the heavy cream).

*I am not a paid endorser of this product. 🙂

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On June 18, 2011
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Still kickin’

I’ve been doing admin work & trying to get ready for my tenure review next year, so that’s the excuse I’ll use for not writing yet this summer. Not a great excuse for a writing prof to offer, but there it is.

In good news: hubby and I were on our evening walk on Sunday night and out of the blue he said, “maybe we should go on Atkins.” Boom! Hubby’s never been on a diet, but he says he’d like to lose 20 pounds. I have much more than that to lose & he’ll lose his 20 in record time, but I can’t even tell you how happy I am about this!

We started on Wednesday, so it’s very early days yet, but if he’s on the diet, I think I’ll have a much easier time of sticking to it myself. Of course, 3 days earlier I’d purchased 3 months of WW online…so I’m logging food, exercise, and weight there, but not really following the points program…at least not worrying about points as long as we’re cutting carbs.

Now I just have to add something to our walks for daily exercise, and I know that something will be yoga to start…I just need to just do it!

Okay, thanks for passing part of one insomniatic hour with me. Happy Friday Chicks!

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On June 17, 2011
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