I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Maintaining…don’t know how.

Okay, part of it is I’ve been making myself record every bit of food on this iphone app. Nice one too: it lets you set your goal weight and the amount of time you want to take getting to that weight, and then it tells you how many calories you can have every day (adjusting as you go along).

Otherwise, though, my mom’s visiting for the first time since I moved here 5 years ago & my nephew’s back for a second visit (he’s 15 and apparently thinks Michigan is some culinary capital of the world because he remembered every restaurant we took him to last year and wanted to go back). Anywho, food’s been bad, but I’ve been aware of how bad and recording it, so that has maybe put a halt to my tendency to use any excuse (like a visit with family) to overindulge.

The scale hasn’t moved in either direction, which is good news under the circumstances. I’m looking forward to getting back to normal, healthy food, though.

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By bigprof
On April 22, 2011
At 8:10 am
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Tracking food, taking walks, making slow progress

I’ve been recording all of my food on my iphone and taking nice long walks with hubby now that the weather is nice and the sun doesn’t set at 5 any more.

It’s the end of the semester, so I plan to kick it into high gear as soon as the grading is done.

Lost a pound…not bad, not great: I’ll take anything I can get anyway.

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By bigprof
On April 16, 2011
At 7:48 pm
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