I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Here I sit

getting fatter,
waiting, waiting.

I should run,
but still I sit,
on big fat buns,
just talking sh!#.

And that has been your poem of the day by bigprof.

Seriously. It’s noon, I have my workout clothes on, I know I have to run, but I don’t seem to be moving in the general direction of the treadmill.

I need Bob and Jillian to get me up and going.

Screw that. I’m going, I’m going. 2 miles and I’m done.


Finally got my fat butt downstairs. Ran 2.35 miles. Did Week Two of the C25K: 5 90-second runs at 3.8mph; 1 90-second run at 4.0mph. Then instead of a cool-down, ran 5 mins at 3.8 and another 90-seconds at 4.5. Finished 2 miles in 35 mins (again, this is good for me). Running barefoot again. I feel a blister coming on my left foot, but otherwise I’ve never felt quite so strong running before. It’s weird, I’m weird, I know.

I watched Food Inc. again the other night & that pretty much put me into full-on vegetarian mode. Or at least full-on industrial meat boycott mode. I found a local CSA where I can get grass-fed, free-range, humanely-treated anything (meat, pork, chicken, eggs, dairy), so I’ll put in an order next week if I’m up for meat. If not, they have some nice cheeses, eggs, local flours, squash, apples, and potatoes still.

A work friend and I are talking about having some canning, preserving, pickling, jamming parties this summer to see if we can eat at least 75% local in summers and 25% local in winters. It’s a goal. A healthy, environmentally-friendly, support local farmer-friendly goal.

Okay, time to grade. Have a nice Friday everyone!

Update, Update:

.76 mile walk with hubby and dog.

Breakfast/lunch: egg, cheese, bagel sandwich a la hubby
Snack: 1/4 cup pistachios and macadamia nuts
Dinner: three rounds of polenta with grilled endive, broiled squash, asparagus, grape toms, onion, pepper on top of mixed greens. Yummy.

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