I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Running barefoot, apparently.

How do I always forget this? I have these grand plans for winter break every year, and every year I end up in meetings, scheduling, prepping, and grading. It hasn’t been all bad. I bought a bunch of house plants on sale and they’ve completely transformed the house from an unfinished mess into a slightly more homey unfinished mess.

But this afternoon we’re taking a little break from work. Running in the morning, lunch at a fondue place, then a little shopping. Later more grading, but then a nice dinner and a walk in the snow.

So…my title was inspired by this TED Talks lecture on running: http://www.ted.com/talks/christopher_mcdougall_are_we_born_to_run.html

I’ve seen some similar theorizing before about early humans being able to out distance (not out speed) their animal prey. Interesting stuff and sortof inspiring since it helps to know that running isn’t some unnatural thing I have to force my body to do so much as this thing my body may have actually been designed to do.

At the end of the lecture he suggests that modern-day running injuries can be traced to one thing: running shoes. And he, thus, advocates running barefoot.

So I gave it a try and it was sortof a lot easier than with shoes…makes sense, I guess. We’ll see how my knees feel later on, but since the very first thing I do when I finish a run is strip off my shoes, I thought there might be something to this wacky theory.

This morning I walk/ran 2 miles in 35 minutes (which is pretty good for me, so don’t laugh). 18 of those minutes I ran in 2, 3, and 5-minute intervals. Felt good. Cooled down for another .25 miles.

Have a happy day chicks!

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On February 24, 2011
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