I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Heels and toes, heels and toes!

I’ve been doing a bit more reading about barefoot running, and if the advocates are to be believed (and I’m coming around to this), the problem with running shoes (among other things) is they force you to land on your heel and rock your foot forward. This landing on the heel is what causes the shin and knee injuries that plague modern runners. Running barefoot you land on the fatty side or balls of the feet, rock the heel down a bit for balance, and use the toes to balance and propel, repeat.

So I’m trying to retrain my stride so I don’t land, POW, on my heels anymore.

As for the toes…my big toe always bores a hole in the top of my runners because it’s trying to do what it does naturally to propel me forward. The shoe limits its natural movement.

I’ve got a bruise or two on the balls of my feet now, but otherwise, it’s pretty neat to run without 1.5 pounds of padding attached to my feet. I think that come summer, it will feel like I’m just a crazy kid running around the yard for fun. That’s the thing I’ve never gotten out of running…the fun addictive thing. Maybe this will help.

Anyway, C25K Week 2, Day 2 today: five 90-second runs at 3.8, one 90-second run at 4.0, done with the official run, but I felt like doing more, so 2 more 90-second runs at 3.8 and a 4.5-minute run at 4.0. Finished in record (my own pathetic record) time: 2 miles in 34.30 mins. Another .10 mile walking and it’s time to start this day!

Yesterday we were visiting out-of-town friends (a sleep over Sat-Sun), so no exercise, but I did manage to get in a standing pilates workout on Saturday. My sense is that standing pilates is a heck of a lot easier than the usual kind, so now I’ve got to find a DVD of the usual kind.

Happy Monday Chicks!

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On February 28, 2011
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Here I sit

getting fatter,
waiting, waiting.

I should run,
but still I sit,
on big fat buns,
just talking sh!#.

And that has been your poem of the day by bigprof.

Seriously. It’s noon, I have my workout clothes on, I know I have to run, but I don’t seem to be moving in the general direction of the treadmill.

I need Bob and Jillian to get me up and going.

Screw that. I’m going, I’m going. 2 miles and I’m done.


Finally got my fat butt downstairs. Ran 2.35 miles. Did Week Two of the C25K: 5 90-second runs at 3.8mph; 1 90-second run at 4.0mph. Then instead of a cool-down, ran 5 mins at 3.8 and another 90-seconds at 4.5. Finished 2 miles in 35 mins (again, this is good for me). Running barefoot again. I feel a blister coming on my left foot, but otherwise I’ve never felt quite so strong running before. It’s weird, I’m weird, I know.

I watched Food Inc. again the other night & that pretty much put me into full-on vegetarian mode. Or at least full-on industrial meat boycott mode. I found a local CSA where I can get grass-fed, free-range, humanely-treated anything (meat, pork, chicken, eggs, dairy), so I’ll put in an order next week if I’m up for meat. If not, they have some nice cheeses, eggs, local flours, squash, apples, and potatoes still.

A work friend and I are talking about having some canning, preserving, pickling, jamming parties this summer to see if we can eat at least 75% local in summers and 25% local in winters. It’s a goal. A healthy, environmentally-friendly, support local farmer-friendly goal.

Okay, time to grade. Have a nice Friday everyone!

Update, Update:

.76 mile walk with hubby and dog.

Breakfast/lunch: egg, cheese, bagel sandwich a la hubby
Snack: 1/4 cup pistachios and macadamia nuts
Dinner: three rounds of polenta with grilled endive, broiled squash, asparagus, grape toms, onion, pepper on top of mixed greens. Yummy.

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On February 25, 2011
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Running barefoot, apparently.

How do I always forget this? I have these grand plans for winter break every year, and every year I end up in meetings, scheduling, prepping, and grading. It hasn’t been all bad. I bought a bunch of house plants on sale and they’ve completely transformed the house from an unfinished mess into a slightly more homey unfinished mess.

But this afternoon we’re taking a little break from work. Running in the morning, lunch at a fondue place, then a little shopping. Later more grading, but then a nice dinner and a walk in the snow.

So…my title was inspired by this TED Talks lecture on running: http://www.ted.com/talks/christopher_mcdougall_are_we_born_to_run.html

I’ve seen some similar theorizing before about early humans being able to out distance (not out speed) their animal prey. Interesting stuff and sortof inspiring since it helps to know that running isn’t some unnatural thing I have to force my body to do so much as this thing my body may have actually been designed to do.

At the end of the lecture he suggests that modern-day running injuries can be traced to one thing: running shoes. And he, thus, advocates running barefoot.

So I gave it a try and it was sortof a lot easier than with shoes…makes sense, I guess. We’ll see how my knees feel later on, but since the very first thing I do when I finish a run is strip off my shoes, I thought there might be something to this wacky theory.

This morning I walk/ran 2 miles in 35 minutes (which is pretty good for me, so don’t laugh). 18 of those minutes I ran in 2, 3, and 5-minute intervals. Felt good. Cooled down for another .25 miles.

Have a happy day chicks!

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On February 24, 2011
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Motivation? Schmotivation!

Had my first bite of meat in a little over two weeks yesterday. Hubby came home Tuesday night and the first words out of his mouth were “I want a hamburger.” So we agreed to get a burger last night at this local 50s diner that has the best burgers in town (flat, flat-top fried, big flat buns, all the fixins’).

We split a fry, split a chocolate malt (and when hubby finished his and refilled with what little was left in the shake cup, I traded my nearly full glass with him), and each had burgers (although I managed to eat only one half and two bites of the other half).

It was a lovely time, and I left feeling like I’d had a treat, but didn’t over-indulge.

I’m getting inspired by this season of Biggest Loser, but not motivated by it yet. My hope is that once this week is finally over, I’ll be able to use break to get into a routine I can stick with. I’m starting to think the goal of 3 miles a day is becoming more of a block than a motivator, so I might drop it back to two a day. Two a day every day beats 3 a day only sporatically, I think.

At least I have a few miles to add to my ticker this week. Now if only I can add a few lost pounds to the other ticker next week!

Happy Thursday Chicks!

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On February 17, 2011
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Still here…

okay, not here exactly, but not gone either. Still hanging in there, anyway, but it’s been a hellova week. Exercise this week was very, very bad. Food this week was very, very good though.

Shooting for a long walk tomorrow morning and, with luck, that will continue through the week as my schedule seems to be getting loaded down in the afternoons rather than mornings next week. Yay! & the week after that is Winter Break! WooHoo!

Dried a bunch of strawberries last night. I just bought a food dehydrator and I figured there was no harm in trying it out on some Costco strawberries. Damn, are they good!

Food today:

Breakfast: Kashi with dried strawberries

Lunch: 1 cup leftover veggie pasta and veggie corn dog

Dinner: will be coconut rice, scallops, spinach (the rice is my attempt at satisfying my thai cravings without going out for it).

Keep slimmin’ sisters!

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On February 13, 2011
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Who’s happy to be slimming?

I’m supposed to think “I’m slimming,” apparently. At least, that’s something I recall from today’s hypnosis session. I like the word, “slimming.” It sounds so much more positive and fun than “dieting.”

Food today:

Breakfast: 3/4 cup of oat bran cereal
Lunch: (was big): talapia with a crab cake (ate half the fish and full cake), 2 asparagus, ignored the rice easily, 1/2 of house salad, 1/2 of chocolate mousse (not bad considering on most day’s I’d have polished off the whole mousse without even thinking).
Dinner: sea scallops and creamed spinach

Exercise: 3 miles on the treadmill, including an opening 5 minute run just to see if I had it in me…and I did, but I also almost threw it back up when I was done 🙂

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On February 7, 2011
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I’m getting very sleepy…

Actually, not so much at the moment.

I did the 14-minute weight-loss hypnosis app last night before bed and woke up this morning thinking that this might help.

My mother always forbade us (still does, in fact) from uttering the words “I think I’m getting sick,” because she believes that what the mouth says, the brain believes. With hypnosis, I think my brain is hearing what it needs to believe about weight loss.

So this morning I bought another hypnosis app. This one you can control more features, including the length of induction. I chose a long induction and as soon as hubby left for church, I was traveling down a flight of stairs very, very slowly.

I’m not entirely sure what the nice man said after I got to the bottom of the stairs where I entered the room with the lovely warm fireplace and went through the door out to the beautiful lake with the single tree, but I have vague memories of some encouraging words, some visualization, and then, 40 minutes later I became fully conscious, rested, clear-headed.

I guess I’m grasping at straws here because I really think this is going to help with my appetite control, portion control, and exercise motivation. I guess we’ll see about that.

Case in point: we got another 3-4 inches of snow yesterday and immediately after the hypnosis session ended, I just popped on my coat and shoveled our excruciatingly long driveway. As I was finishing up, I was praying I’d get done before our neighbor came out of his house. He’s had a bunch of heart attacks over the last couple of years, so all last year hubby and I shoveled out his and our driveways with every storm. This year the guy across the street has been pitching in with his snow-blower. But guy across the street hasn’t even done his own driveway yet, so I knew if my neighbor needed to get out of his driveway, I’d have to be the one to get him out.

So I’m about to pass out when I hear my neighbor’s door open and out he comes, slowly, with his little plastic snow shovel (we use a Yooper scoop). DAMN IT!

So, an hour and a half later and I’ve shoveled two excruciatingly long driveways. Clocked a mile on my pedometer, and normally I count only dedicated walks around the neighborhood or on the treadmill towards my daily 3 miles, but I’m counting this mile…oh boy am I ever.

And now here I am out of snow clothes and into workout gear. I’ve got a veggie corn dog in the oven and fresh tabloui ready to go, and as soon as lunch is over, I’m walking, yes indeed.

Exercise Update: walk/ran 2.55 on the treadmill and did another short after dinner walk with hubby for another .5, so with the 1 mile shovel/walk, that’s a whopping 4.05 miles.

Lunch: not dog corn dog and 1 cup tabouli
Snack: hand full of soybeans and 1 oz cheddar
Dinner: tried a Polish place in the neighborhood: 1/2 greasy potato pancake, 3 perogies (2 kraut, 1 cheese), 1/2 cup rice pudding with cool whip (gave the other 1/2 cup to hubby, minus the topping).

Night chicks!

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On February 6, 2011
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What’s wrong with me?


Okay, question answered. Let’s move on.

I’m back from mom’s. Flew out to MA to surprise her for her birthday last weekend and the biggest surprise for me was that she was actually surprised to see me. I was sure my family had blown it. We had a lovely time and I think she’s feeling a better about turning 80 than she did last month. Part of that was having us all around, but part of it was also her doctor telling her that she’s healthier than most of the 50-year-olds he sees.

I wonder if I’ll see 80. Probably not if I maintain this stupid weight.

So my new thing is I’m trying to eat mostly vegetarian meals for health, environment, humanitarian reasons. I was a vegetarian for 11 years before I met my meat-loving husband. Now I’m bringing us both into a more “flextarian” diet plan. Vegetarian most of the time, meat only once in a while.

This is my first fully vegetarian week in about 7 years. WOW! What a long time to be away from something that was so much a part of my identity for so very long. Of course, I haven’t been a smoker for about 5 years either.

The detectives in the group are starting to put 2 and 2 together here. Let’s see, started eating meat, stopped smoking, wrote a dissertation and got an academic job. Yeah, this whole huge weight gain thing isn’t much of a mystery now, is it?

Anyway…positive notes for the week would be that I did sign up for the 5k in May and I’m looking forward to training for it…right? Sure, except for the whole Lazy! thing. I’m also pretty pleased with the vegetarian semi-commitment and hubby’s semi-on board. We’ve also had 3 out of 5 job candidates on campus already, so by this time next week we’ll be done with the search and I can get my life back again.

Oh, and early this morning I got an app for weight-loss hypnosis. No, I don’t know if I believe in hypnosis. But I’m a life-long 4am-6am insomniac, so I figure during the 2 hours that I usually toss and turn, going over lists in my head, having conversations in my head with the difficult people in my life, and imagining how wonderful life would be if I could just sleep for 8 solid hours, I’ll listen to the nice man tell me that I have my eating under control and I LOVE to exercise. Can’t hurt, right?

Night chicks!

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