I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


17 spam in 12 hours


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On December 8, 2010
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2.2 down, so week 1 is a win.

& considering I’ve been down with a cold, have left the house for short walks with hubby only, and have occupied the same chair in front of the fireplace to grade for the last 4 days, that’s not too shabby.

Today, more walking and grading, but I’ll get out of the house to attend some meetings on campus at least. & tomorrow I’m back to the P90…liking it, btw.

I also bought another pedometer. I’m competitive, but only with myself, so a pedometer inspires me to walk more each day. Yesterday only a little over 3000 steps, but today…8000 is the goal.

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On December 7, 2010
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92 spam comments…

Maybe instead of tracking food & exercise, I’ll just track how many comments I get from spammers?

Okay folks, as soon as the semester ends & I’ve dug my way out of grading, I’m finding a new home for bigprof’s blog extraordinaire.

Have a great week!

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On December 6, 2010
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26 Spam Comments in 24 Hours?

Yup, it’s time to bid farewell to 3FC and find another place to host this blog.

Anyone know of or using a good, relatively spam-free, site?

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On December 3, 2010
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How are ya’ll doing with this barrage of spam at 3FC? I’m getting 10-12 spam comments a day. So I’ve switched to moderating comments, but somehow also deleted comments I didn’t want to delete in the process. UGH!

I’m toying with possibly moving this blog elsewhere if they don’t fix the spam issue somehow.

Okay, so for my last post I was going to do pilates since I didn’t have weights for P90 strength training. But the only pilates workouts I could find were VHS & hubby unhooked and stored our VCR when he installed his Wii. So I could either find/hook up the VCR or find/install the netflix disc to the Wii to play some netflix pilates workouts. That seemed the path of least resistance until I couldn’t find the stupid netflix disc, not finding it required a search of the basement, storage area, and hubby’s garage.

Normally at this point I’d have given up, but so early in this workout sequence, I guess I just refused. So I dug out a kettlebell workout on DVD and, remembering that I was supposed to be doing strength training anyway, did the warmup and first workout on that. Kettlebell kicks my butt…especially since I stupidly bought a 10 pd weight.

Yesterday was my day off since Wednesdays begin at 8am with a meeting on one campus and end at 10pm with a class on another campus. But this was the last Wednesday class of the semester, so I’m in the clear until next semester.

Woke this morning and had the darndest time getting down to the basement to work out. Finally did around 9:30. Did P90 day one (cardio), and ran for 3 minutes during the cooldown/stretch, did the ab blaster again too since it’s such an easy one.

Now I need to get weights for tomorrow’s workout. And only one more class before the marathon of end-of-the-semester grading begins.

Food yesterday:

Not good.

Lunch: thai. cup of hot/sour soup, small spring roll, white rice with curried tofu

Dinner: white rice with curried tofu

Snack: oj, and 5 of the Christmas cookies I brought to my class last night (ugh!). For today’s class, I’m bringing candy canes since they’re among my least favorite holiday candies & I can leave the leftovers in the office.

Today’s food will be

Lunch: chicken chili with cornbread

Dinner: either tofu curry with noodles (that I’ll make) or a chicken dish of some kind to use up the chicken we didn’t use in the chili…oh, and lots of carrots with either dish since hubby and I somehow bought 3 giant bags of carrots over the last week…I guess we both kept thinking we were out.

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On December 2, 2010
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