I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


It’s all blizzardy up in here…

okay, not so much blizzardy today, but the blizzard of 2010 did leave us stranded in MA for three additional days: our flight that was scheduled to leave Monday at noon was canceled and the only flight we could get out after that is Thursday at noon. Our poor dog has been in the kennel for more than a week now, and if we don’t get a flight out on Thursday (we are booked on a flight, but have no seats yet), because of the new year’s eve holiday, it might be Monday before we can bail him out of the kennel.

And, of course, here we are, over-staying our welcome at my mom’s house. She’s been perfectly gracious and wonderful, of course, but there have been arguments, so it’s clear we’re pushing the limits of everyone’s tolerance here. At least we’ve been able to get over to my sister’s house yesterday and today to use the internet and get some work done.

Food’s been okay. I stepped on the scale the first morning I was here and have maintained that weight up until today, when the scale had me at a 1 pound loss for the week! Yay! Mom’s scale is also, I’m guessing, about 3 pounds under what mine is, so seeing those lower numbers every morning provided some inspiration to eat small. I’m going to record the 1 pound loss for now, hoping all the while that it’ll end up being more than that when I step on the scale at home.

My appetite is back, but I’m holding on to the memory of those small, unwanted and undesired portions, and I’m trying to duplicate that feeling with every meal.

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On December 29, 2010
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brseay Says:

Ugh, being snowed in is so frustrating. We have finally had a bit of a thaw and I can actually see grass in a few spots!!

That’s great that the lower numbers were motivation to keep the portions small. It can be so easy to say “forget it” and dive in head-first to something gooey and unhealthy.

Safe travels home!


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