I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


& the winner is…total loss of appetite!

It’s hard to hate this lingering cold as much as I do when I find myself saying things like, “I’m done,” a few bites into a sandwich. Honestly, I want the cough, the tough breathing, and the accompanying exhaustion to go, but the loss of appetite can stick around for 10-12 years & I’ll be happy as a clam…world’s sexiest, happiest clam.

Food today:

Lunch: smallest half of BLT sandwich (& no crust), about 5 chips (new for me to stop before the bag’s gone)

Dinner: at our neighborhood family restaurant, usually a good bet for me to over-indulge. My favorites: soup (ate about 5 bites); spinach pie (ate about 4 bites); mashed potatoes (ate about 5 bites) & packed the rest (which was 9/10ths) of it up to go. Rice pudding…my favorite at this place…3 bites & I actually had to tell hubby to eat some because the waitress had already asked twice if everything was okay since I didn’t eat.

Here’s the deal. I’m starting to think that the dinner bites I describe above are actually the kinds of portions human beings are meant to eat…I’m not hungry. At. All. No growling stomach, no hunger pains, nothin’.

Ironically, then, this loss of appetite is DELICIOUS!

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By bigprof
On December 16, 2010
At 7:20 pm
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