I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Let’s try this again, again…

Yup, last week was a bust & I’m busting out all over!

Went to Olga’s with hubby last week & had the following revelation: wow…these portions really are huge! I’d ordered the soup & spinach pie. Pie is a decent size, but by the time I was finished with it, I realized I should’ve been finished with lunch. I mean, how much lunch does one person need? Then the soup arrived…a bowl. I ate about a third of it, ate my snackers (that was pure indulgence), and gave the rest of the soup to hubby.

I need to remember that moment of clarity when it hit me how insanely and inappropriately giant this little, insignificant lunch was. Not a celebration, not a special occasion, just lunch & a big one at that.

What throws me is that these are the sizes of meals, so I’m just trusting some restaurant to know how much food I need. Am I making sense here? I didn’t order anything special, in fact, by Olga’s standards, this combo was a light lunch. But the spinach pie or the cup of soup with snackers would’ve been more than enough.

Now if only I can keep this in mind & not order what’s considered a meal anymore, but instead cobble together sides to make a realistic size meal.

Schedule doesn’t help here. I’m teaching Wed nights (until 9:50) & hubby teaches Tues/Thurs nights, so we’re eating out a lot rather than sitting down at the table for a meal with a salad.

But that’s food. I also need to run & work out!

This week will be better. Let’s try this again, again.

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By bigprof
On October 18, 2010
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Not my best start ever…

but today is another week.

I made it through 4 runs of week 1, 1 run of week 2, & lost the will for a week.

But the will is returning…I’m dragging it back kicking and screaming. So we’re looking at a long walk (or two) today, some yoga tonight, and a first run of the week (and second official run of week 2) tomorrow.

There…it is written.

Update: Irisheyes set some goals for herself this month & it seems like if I have something to work for, maybe I’ll stick to it? Yes? Yes!

October goals: lose 5 pounds, run 3 times a week, do yoga 2 times a week, eat a salad 4 days out every week. & here we go!

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By bigprof
On October 10, 2010
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