I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Well, I found the track anyway…

& I’m getting back on it both literally and figuratively.

Started running last week. New 5k training program I found on I-Tunes: 5K 101 from Running Mate. Week 1 is a little more intense than on the C25K plan: four 2-minute runs with 3-minute rests. I’m thinking of running week 1 one more time before I move into week 2 with its five 2.5-minute runs and 2-minute rests.

Also did some work with the kettle bell, which I’m feeling in my thighs and butt today.

So…now I’ve done 3 runs without dropping dead, so here’s the new fall schedule:

Mon–yoga at night (Monday’s suck, so why not?)
Tues–run/walk for 30+ mins and kettle bell lifts/squats
Wed–day begins with an 8:30am meeting & ends with a class that ends at 9:50, so…”rest”
Thurs–run/walk for 30+ mins and kettle bell lifts/squats
Fri–pilates and, possibly, yoga
Sun–run/walk for 30+ mins and kettle bell lifts/squats

Not too much, not too little for a start. What are ya’ll doing this fall?

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By bigprof
On September 27, 2010
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New semester…

& I keep waking up early to get to the office when what I need to do is relax about the office & wake up early to exer-freakin-size.

I took on some new responsibilities this year, including hiring our part-time faculy, scheduling, & overseeing the others. They rock, most of our part-time faculty do, rock very competently and even exceptionally without my help. But I just hired 7 new folks who will be wonderful, but who need a lot of hand holding at the beginning of the semester to learn policies and procedures & to get their classes developed.

So. For the next couple of days, I’m an office-bound fat chick. After that, most of my meetings and classes will be in the late afternoon this semester (with one of my classes running til 9:50pm), so my mornings will be free for working out.

Excuses, excuses. Still, I know that I need to set the habit early in the semester or I’ll end up looking back at the close of another semester wondering why I didn’t bother to take care of myself. I’ve made promises before. Yes. But I’ve also followed through on at least as many of those promises to myself as I’ve broken. I’m taking the odds that this time I’ll make it happen.

I’m also making a promise to read two major works this semester: my old blog when I was motivated and losing and your blogs. That should be more than enough inspiration to get me moving.

Happy almost fall, chicks!

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On September 7, 2010
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