I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


One good stomach bug away from a better fit…

That’s what I was thinking the other day as I sucked in my gut to zip up my not-as-fat-as-those-other-fat-pants fat pants.

& hey lookey, I got my wish last night around 3 am.

I’ll spare you the details…food today will be bland & at a minimum. Yesterday was good veggie-wise, but I’m not up to writing in much detail about it…thai carrot noodle thingy for early lunch, cereal & blueberries for snack, vegetarian split pea soup & 1/2 BLT on whole wheat for dinner, WW ice cream sandwich. Proud of myself that as I finished up the first 1/2 of the BLT, I heard myself say to hubby, “you want this other half? I won’t eat it.”

Fat secret has me at 17.46 fat, 193.32 carbs (eh gads!), 33.97 protein, and 1364 calories.

I need to find a better balance here…& eat steal-cut oats rather than rice chex…more veggies, fewer carbs. Although, clearly that isn’t happening…


Bagel with butter for brunch.

whole wheat pasta, broccoli, butter & parm

tea with milk

I really wanted the soup, but the bagel isn’t even sitting right, so I guess I’m glad I went for carby and boring.

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By bigprof
On August 11, 2010
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