I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


This worked…

veggies were eaten & it was so, so pretty.

This recipe has a complicated genesis myth behind it. It began in the Wisconsin Dells, where we spent a week with 13 grad school friends and their babies/toddlers. Every night one couple had to cook dinner for the whole group & one of our friends decided to make chicken tiki masala…one of hubby’s and my favorites, but we have friends who find the Asian salad dressing at Applebee’s a little too exotic for their tastes, so we called it “chicken stew” and even our fearful friends lined up for seconds.

Anyway, at the end of the week our friend flew home, & since we were driving, we made the bold move of asking for his spices. That’s the first piece in place.

The second part of the myth involves this vegetarian/vegan/localvore restaurant in Marquette where I had an amazing linguini with veggies in a carrot sauce…I wrote about it a few posts ago…yum.

So tonight I prepared barely-steamed veggies, tofu, and rice noodles and covered it all in a truly yummy masala spice & cumin seed carrot sauce (added a little cream for thickness). An insane combo that works like crazy. Seriously…pick up a can/bottle of carrot juice & give it a try, maybe substitute it where you might use crushed tomatoes over pasta. Divine. &, interestingly enough, I really don’t like cooked carrots that much.

Okay…but what other carb nightmares (besides the rice noodles & juice) did I put myself through today?

Breakfast: other half of bagel (see yesterday’s entry) with butter

Lunch: 1/16 of quiche…I was peckish, but not in the mood for much…quiche had veggies, at least.

Snack: about 1/2 cup of nuts (I know, too much!)

Dinner: carrot masala thai noodle veggie tofu thingy from heaven & 4 oz of home brewed Scotch ale.

evening snack: weight watchers (total of 2.5 pts) Kettle corn

Exercise: not so much…a walk up & down the hill & some house work. Should do some pilates after I’ve digested a bit.

Today’s numbers: fat 66.16, carbs 153.44, Protein 39.59, calories 1375

Happy veggie munching ya’ll! & thanks for your comments! I always feel welcomed back here even after I’ve been gone for months and months on end! Ya’ll rock!

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