I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


& begin…

Exercise today…short uphill walk, shoveling driveway rocks (about 30 mins), chainsawing trees (about 10 mins). Not a stellar day for exercise, but I’m counting it. Will do a pilates or yoga 10 mins before bed & call it good.

Food was okay. I’m using the fatsecret app on my iPad to calculate calories & I’m at 1563 for the day.

Actually, it’s a nice program. Today’s other numbers are 99.56 grams fat, 124.49 carbs, 40.46 protein. Maybe I should pay attention to those numbers as well. Fats & carbs seem high here.

In general I’d like to stay below 1600 most days, but I’m more concerned with cutting out some of the carbs (bagels & cereal as the main culprits), eating more veggies, and moving this fat body of mine around more.

  • Breakfast: really wanted a bagel, but decided no breakfast was better than bagel breakfast
  • Lunch: 1/8 piece pepper, onion, Swiss quiche
  • Snack: 1/2 cup blueberries/raspberries; weight watchers ice cream sandwich
  • Dinner: 1/8 piece quiche, salad, beets, 4 oz home brew
  • Evening Snack: made wild blueberry jam, so I had a couple of tastes of that.

I was in the middle of making jam when hubby took the dog for a walk. Maybe I should head out now for a short one on my own…it still doesn’t get dark around here until about 10:00 anyway.

Have a nice evening chicks!

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By bigprof
On August 6, 2010
At 6:54 pm
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