I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Juice fast…probably a good idea…I don’t know for sure.

I think one key to a juice fast is you can’t get the world’s fastest-moving cold in the middle of it.

Not saying I want to eat much as it is, but I did call off the fast last night for some rice and thai curry veggies (small bowl) and for lunch and for toast for dinner tonight. It was just too hard to feel miserable and deny myself food at the same time.

Also, to be honest, I’m not sure what’s so great about vitamin C since I’ve been basically wading in fruit juice for two days & I’m now sick as a dog. 🙂

Anyway, juice fast is still a good idea, I think, in theory. For now though, Nyquil ™ is a great idea in practice.

Night chicks.

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On August 16, 2010
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& the scale says…

all the same stuff my pants have been telling me for the last 6 weeks, but that I refused to hear. Both scale and pants are in agreement here: I’ve gained weight.

I gained weight over the summer…because…I was actually less active & ate worse these last 6 weeks. This isn’t usually the case for summer, but there it it. So, fall’s the new summer: I’m back on a diet & exercise plan. Today. Not waiting for my schedule to settle down. Not waiting til I get back from visiting family next week. Not waiting for the semester to start or for me to get into a routine or for the semester to end or for winter break to end or, or, or, or. Today.

& I need to kick start this sucker with some serious movement on the scale. So today & tomorrow I’m doing a juice fast (with tons of water) to cleanse and get myself motivated to eat right. Hell, my doctor recommended a weekly or twice weekly, even, fast. Think I’ll take him up on it.

For now, I’ve got to unpack my car from the trip back down to Michigan’s incredibly hot & muggy LP. Hubby’s heading down with his fully-loaded car late tonight, so I might as well do what I can to get myself & this house organized before that carload of chaos arrives. I tried to pack up most of the house before I left: hubby’s not the most organized packer & I didn’t want to have to be searching for my cooking utensils in his tool box. But it’ll still be chaotic.

Then I’m going to do some grocery shopping: juice for today/tomorrow & some fresh (and good) veggies for Tuesday. I’ve found an intro yoga video I want to do on hulu. I’ve done yoga on and off for years, but it’s not like riding a bike for me: my muscles just don’t remember yoga the way I wish they would. Anyway, it’s a start & after my tumble (twice) down the deck stairs on Friday (the 13th), I’m sore as hell, so some guided stretching sounds pretty good.

Yeah, I’m pretty much a physical wreck right now. Time to change.

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On August 15, 2010
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One good stomach bug away from a better fit…

That’s what I was thinking the other day as I sucked in my gut to zip up my not-as-fat-as-those-other-fat-pants fat pants.

& hey lookey, I got my wish last night around 3 am.

I’ll spare you the details…food today will be bland & at a minimum. Yesterday was good veggie-wise, but I’m not up to writing in much detail about it…thai carrot noodle thingy for early lunch, cereal & blueberries for snack, vegetarian split pea soup & 1/2 BLT on whole wheat for dinner, WW ice cream sandwich. Proud of myself that as I finished up the first 1/2 of the BLT, I heard myself say to hubby, “you want this other half? I won’t eat it.”

Fat secret has me at 17.46 fat, 193.32 carbs (eh gads!), 33.97 protein, and 1364 calories.

I need to find a better balance here…& eat steal-cut oats rather than rice chex…more veggies, fewer carbs. Although, clearly that isn’t happening…


Bagel with butter for brunch.

whole wheat pasta, broccoli, butter & parm

tea with milk

I really wanted the soup, but the bagel isn’t even sitting right, so I guess I’m glad I went for carby and boring.

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On August 11, 2010
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This worked…

veggies were eaten & it was so, so pretty.

This recipe has a complicated genesis myth behind it. It began in the Wisconsin Dells, where we spent a week with 13 grad school friends and their babies/toddlers. Every night one couple had to cook dinner for the whole group & one of our friends decided to make chicken tiki masala…one of hubby’s and my favorites, but we have friends who find the Asian salad dressing at Applebee’s a little too exotic for their tastes, so we called it “chicken stew” and even our fearful friends lined up for seconds.

Anyway, at the end of the week our friend flew home, & since we were driving, we made the bold move of asking for his spices. That’s the first piece in place.

The second part of the myth involves this vegetarian/vegan/localvore restaurant in Marquette where I had an amazing linguini with veggies in a carrot sauce…I wrote about it a few posts ago…yum.

So tonight I prepared barely-steamed veggies, tofu, and rice noodles and covered it all in a truly yummy masala spice & cumin seed carrot sauce (added a little cream for thickness). An insane combo that works like crazy. Seriously…pick up a can/bottle of carrot juice & give it a try, maybe substitute it where you might use crushed tomatoes over pasta. Divine. &, interestingly enough, I really don’t like cooked carrots that much.

Okay…but what other carb nightmares (besides the rice noodles & juice) did I put myself through today?

Breakfast: other half of bagel (see yesterday’s entry) with butter

Lunch: 1/16 of quiche…I was peckish, but not in the mood for much…quiche had veggies, at least.

Snack: about 1/2 cup of nuts (I know, too much!)

Dinner: carrot masala thai noodle veggie tofu thingy from heaven & 4 oz of home brewed Scotch ale.

evening snack: weight watchers (total of 2.5 pts) Kettle corn

Exercise: not so much…a walk up & down the hill & some house work. Should do some pilates after I’ve digested a bit.

Today’s numbers: fat 66.16, carbs 153.44, Protein 39.59, calories 1375

Happy veggie munching ya’ll! & thanks for your comments! I always feel welcomed back here even after I’ve been gone for months and months on end! Ya’ll rock!

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On August 9, 2010
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& the veggies live to tell the tale…

Started the day as brseay did, with a vow to consume mostly veggies.

So two eggs scrambled with snow peas (nice crunch), onion, & green pepper, slice of whole wheat toast.

No lunch.

nuts to snack on

had planned to get a veggie sandwich on the way to the beach, but the sandwich shop closed at 7:30 cause this town sucks on Sunday nights. So we hit…Burger King where I had a whopper junior & about 10 fries.

But the water was PERFECT, so I swam & swam & came home late & hungry: half bagel with butter.


Tomorrow those veggies die so that I might live a thinner & longer life! There’s some tofu in the fridge that should consider this fair warning as well!

G’night chicks!

Update: forgot to add in my numbers for the day Fat: 81.07, Carbs 102.16, Protein 46.79, Calories 1304

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On August 8, 2010
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No Mucho…

progress, that is.

Been a bad day for veggies in this house (or maybe it’s a good day for them, bad one for me?).

Breakfast: 1/2 bagel with butter

Lunch: 1/8 quiche

Snack: 1/4 cup pistachios

Dinner: Swanson’s chicken fried chicken (first frozen dinner in decades & it was okay). Okay, not a healthy option, but 350 calories, portion controlled. I should have a salad now just to balance out all the processed, salty food.

Snack: either WW ice cream sandwich or WW kettle corn somehow starving after frozen meal & stupidly used that as excuse to eat slice of hubby’s pizza for about 250 empty calories

Exercise: 3 mile walk with hubby & an occasional trip scaling the hillside of the portage for thimbleberries.

Fat secret has me at 1477 calories, 81.96 fat, 120.29 carbs, 46.50 protein. I think I’ll keep posting this info for the next week & then figure out what’s what. Okay, sure, some things are obvious: no one ever lost weight eating pizza & bagels. 🙂

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On August 7, 2010
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& begin…

Exercise today…short uphill walk, shoveling driveway rocks (about 30 mins), chainsawing trees (about 10 mins). Not a stellar day for exercise, but I’m counting it. Will do a pilates or yoga 10 mins before bed & call it good.

Food was okay. I’m using the fatsecret app on my iPad to calculate calories & I’m at 1563 for the day.

Actually, it’s a nice program. Today’s other numbers are 99.56 grams fat, 124.49 carbs, 40.46 protein. Maybe I should pay attention to those numbers as well. Fats & carbs seem high here.

In general I’d like to stay below 1600 most days, but I’m more concerned with cutting out some of the carbs (bagels & cereal as the main culprits), eating more veggies, and moving this fat body of mine around more.

  • Breakfast: really wanted a bagel, but decided no breakfast was better than bagel breakfast
  • Lunch: 1/8 piece pepper, onion, Swiss quiche
  • Snack: 1/2 cup blueberries/raspberries; weight watchers ice cream sandwich
  • Dinner: 1/8 piece quiche, salad, beets, 4 oz home brew
  • Evening Snack: made wild blueberry jam, so I had a couple of tastes of that.

I was in the middle of making jam when hubby took the dog for a walk. Maybe I should head out now for a short one on my own…it still doesn’t get dark around here until about 10:00 anyway.

Have a nice evening chicks!

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On August 6, 2010
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Blog will survive…

At first it was afraid

it was petrified

kept thinking it could never live without

me by its side.

Yeah, that’s the song I think I hear my blog singing from time to time…when I think of this blog, that is…you know, when I’m not eating crap & slobbing it up around the house.

So…here we go again ladies.

Last night hubby & I ate at a new place (for us). Now…I usually have veggies with every dinner & I’d rather make a salad than bake a potato or boil up something frozen, but this place reminded me that the rest of my diet is pure crap and very nearly entirely carb-based these days. Okay…there were carbs here too, but the linguini (cooked in a carrot juice, pesto, and, I suspect, curry sauce) was beefed up by the match-stick sized carrot pieces, barely cooked wax beans, and tofu. Okay…carbs in the carrot juice too. But it was fresh & crunchy & yummy, and it reminded me that I really love eating healthy food. We just haven’t found a lot of time to cook it this summer.

I am the very definition of someone who’s let themselves go. Boy oh boy can I let myself go when I set my mind to it.

So…tomorrow I’m off to the veggie stand to see what’s what. Tonight I did a 10 minute pilates workout…from Netflix…found a bunch on hulu I’m ready to try tomorrow. And I’ve downloaded a new C25K podcast collection, so back at that as soon as we head back south for the fall.

Let’s see where this gets us, shall we?

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On August 5, 2010
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