I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Working out…

The first two days of the week were a bust: stomach bug that manifested itself in one nasty symptom which I won’t discuss here, plus work’s always awful on Mon & Tues.

But that made me think that maybe my best plan is to consider Mon & Tues bonus days if I get to workout & okay days if I don’t.

Yesterday I decided to up my speed on day 2 of week 1 of the C25K. So for runs I started in at 4.5 mph (which is pretty fast for me now). But those 60-second intervals felt really, really long. After the second one, I realized they felt so long cause I was actually doing week 2 by mistake. Oh, there were clues; for example, when I wondered why there were only 6 run/walk intervals when I could’ve sworn there were 8 before. Also, perhaps more importantly, I’m pretty sure Robert says something like “welcome to week 2” and “let’s get ready for your first 90-second run.”

I was in the zone, I guess. So I decided it was more expedient to do week 2 and go back to week 1 on Friday. Continued to go at 4.5 mph until the last run when I struggled through 5 mph.

Happy I did it, anyway.

This morning I got up, fought the urge to start responding to emails right away, and made my way to the basement for pilates and some work with the kettlebell.

Food hasn’t been great & I had a small piece of bread & 10 jelly beans today (stupid, stupid, stupid):

Working Lunch (read: someone else paid): fresh tuna steak, salad, creamed spinach, small piece of bread.

Dinner: steak, corn, salad

Additional exercise: 1 hr walk with hubby

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