I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


This isn’t working…

wherein “this” signifies “Atkins.”

So I’m coming off a successful Atkins week. I’ve kept my veggie intake to around 1-2 cups a day (no more, sometimes less). Since saying goodbye to junk food is remarkably easy for me (remarkably easy given that I look like someone who eats only chips and chocolate), but saying goodbye to veggies is incredibly difficult, I enter Saturday thinking that things are going well.

Then I run errands: video duplication store to see about getting old movies transferred to DVDs, oil change, bank, car wash, market. By the time I get to the market, I’m starved. Now, if this were the regular Kroger I go to, that’d be no big deal. But I go to the good farmers’ style market where there are around 7 varieties of greens, six varieties of green beans, and 4 varieties of eggplant…to name just a few. So I bought green beans, beets, arugula, tomatoes, fennel, and roasting onions.  So last night we had cherry chicken burgers (no bun), beets, and salad. Yum!

That’s when it hits me that summer is coming & summer meals for me are fresh corn, beets, salads, sliced tomatoes, cucumber salads, avacado, green beans, squashes, apples, blueberries, peaches, plums, cherries.

So…this isn’t working. Atkins works. I know it works. But it isn’t working for me any more. I need veggies & I miss fruit. I don’t need bread or potatoes or rice or chips or cookies or candy or sugar soda, but I need fruit and veggies again. I want to dive into a big glass of spicy tomato juice. I want to dig my teeth into an ear of corn. I want to feel the pop and twang of that first bite of a Fugi apple. It’s time to give Atkins a rest and figure something else out.

So a couple of changes:

In exchange for getting to add fruits & veggies (in moderation) back into my diet, I’m going to start exercising again. Walking/running & kettlebell or yoga at first.

I’ve been a slacker blogger, so it’s back to food blogging and reading blogs again! This place works if I work at it, and I haven’t been doing that lately.

No frivolous carbs…I’m going to let myself eat the veggies I want to eat without guilt and, until summer gets here, the occasional bit of fruit, but pasta will still be a 1-2X a month deal & it’ll be the low carb stuff still, no processed carbs, no baked goods, no white carbs like potatoes and rice. I will probably have popcorn a couple of times a month, but for special movie nights or as a special treat.

I still need to count my carbs. I’m going to shoot for 40-50 carbs a day still. That’s 20-30 more than I’ve been getting (on good days), and it’ll free me up to indulge in a 19-carb apple from time to time. It will also permit me to have two salads and 2-3 veggie servings a day without worrying that I’m messing up my diet.

It’ll take longer to get to my goal, but I’ve lost a lot of time see-sawing back & forth on Atkins induction, so what’s the rush anyway?

Breakfast: crabcake Benedict, 2 embarrassingly small wedges of melon, coffee…(not exactly the healthiest start)
Lunch: see breakfast
Snack: coffee & protein shake mix
Dinner:  lamb, leftover broccoli, leftover beets
Snack: nuts

Exercise: (that’s right!) Week 1, Day 1 of the C25K…plus a few minutes for 32 mins total walk/run. After-dinner walk with hubby & dog (1 mile).

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suzeeeq Says:

I hear ya’, I would be lost without strawberries in the summer.

I’ve heard good things about the south beach diet and the paleo diet from my friends who are former atkins dieters. Good results, nice variety, sound nutritional philosophy….

waistingtime Says:

Sounding more like my South Beach:) I also can’t wait for fresh veggies and fruits in the summer.

bigprof Says:

Thanks for the heads up suzeeeq & waistingtime…I was thinking this plan was similar to South Beach, but I’ve only just heard (in whispers, on the margins of conversations) about the paleo diet. Wondering if paleo would be a good one, but I’m not sure about living without dairy. hmmmm…

moonfairy Says:

incorporating fruits and veggies is definitely not a bad thing to reincorporate.

i need to re-evaluate my eating. i seriously need to sit down and work out some sort of menu and grocery list.

round Says:

bigprof, I think you are doing what you need to do to be successful – tweaking a diet to make it fit you. Don’t worry about labels (Atkins, South Beach, paleo) just make smart choices and make it yours. you could call the diet you propose either Atkins at the higher levels of ongoing weight loss, or SBD but you’ll have most success if you call it YOURS.

My biggest struggle w low carb eating is the same as yours – having to limit veggies. I think its from years and years of them being considered the only thing I could eat without guilt in quantities that I wanted. I am used to big servings of them and big variety, and I love veggies. That’s been a hard adjustment for me to low carb, harder than giving up fruit even. Although giving up fruit was really hard at first too.

Last summer I did eat more veggies than usual and I would have to cut back after my weight stalled, and it was a learning process. Like other aspects of paying attention while you eat I eventually was able to learn to be satisfied with less, but my natural inclination is still a huge pile of sliced tomatoes… On the fruits side I do make an extra effort for the less sugared fruits (strawberries instead of blueberries, for ex).

SOunds like you are okay with cutting out most of the “bad” carbs & it’s just fine tuning, so be gentle w yourself, make the changes you’re comfortable with, and watch to see what happens w your weight. Maybe you’ll be able to keep losing w your approach. If the weight loss slows down, you can re-evaluate in the future.

Good luck


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