I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Oh Chocolate Easter Bunnies…

why do you taunt me?

Went to get my nephew a big chocolate bunny (we don’t live near him, so it’s just a little, “we love you” treat) & I bought a small one for myself (split it with hubby). So that was yesterday’s carb count & then some.

But I did an unofficial weigh in today & I’m down .6. I think I’ve been lower than that this week & I’m beginning to think that I’ll finally hit the 20 pounds lost (non-goal) goal this week! That should inspire me to be good at the conference next week, although just having some actual conference outfits that fit is pretty inspirational as well. The goal this week is to do an official weigh-in on Tuesday before we leave for the conference & to be good for the remaining of the week so that I see some actual progress with that weigh-in.

Today is going to be a carb perfect day. & the weather is so spring-like that I think it’ll be long walk day as well.

Lunch: omelet, cheese, 2 slices bacon
Snack: will be protein shake
Dinner: will be roast chicken, asparagus, possibly salad ribs & cucumber salad (wasn’t in the mood for roasting a chicken & the ribs were on sale at Kroger)

Side note for folks using protein shakes: I was checking out the protein shakes in the Kroger health-food section. I like my “super high protein powder” in the orange/purple carton because it’s really high protein with no carbs, but the taste is just terrible, so I was looking for something similar in Vanilla. No luck unless I was willing to pay $20 for 12 oz of the stuff. I’m not. So I hit the diet food aisle just to see if there were any bars I could take on my trip next week. And there I found the Kroger brand protein shake in a pretty good vanilla, pretty cheap ($12 for 16 oz), & it’s 25 grams of protein for 2 carbs. Sold.

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waistingtime Says:

Oh yum! We have not had Easter candy around in years, since my boys are older. So glad:)

siobhanmc Says:

I’m staying far away from Easter candy. It’s far too tempting for me.

brseay Says:

It’s so frustrating to buy something like that and then have it taste bad b/c generally it’s fairly expensive. I would always ponder the boxes of protein bars but back away b/c of the cost but then I discovered that our local grocery store sells them individually. Now I can try one out and then commit to the entire box if it’s yummy!

moonfairy Says:

isn’t it hard to stick to two slices of bacon? i made some this past weekend (regular bacon…not the canadian bacon). surprisingly, i stuck to two slices. DD took care of the rest. LOL. there were at least 4 to 5 pcs and she ate them all!

fingers crossed…hope you meet your goal.


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