I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Some days I get a good idea…

not many, but…

Today’s good idea was what to do with leftover, leftover roast beef. We buy bigger cuts (hello Costco!) so that dinner naturally becomes lunch for the next day. But this roast was a wee bit bigger than I thought cause it did dinner Saturday, dinner Sunday, lunch for hubby Monday, and now I’m staring a third night down it’s terrifying face & wondering what to do.

First thought was curried beef, but that really begs for rice, so I thought…what veg instead? Then it hit me…stirfry sesame beef & broccoli. & yes, it took me a long time to get there (you’d have gotten there sooner), and yes, I’m sortof proud of this brainstorm, which should explain 2 whole agonizingly-boring paragraphs about how I decided what to cook for dinner.

Okay…what’s really happening is that I’ve spent the whole day (til just now) grading online responses and papers & my brain is mush. I still have 5 papers left to grade, but if I get up early enough tomorrow, I can get them done before class & Bob’s-Your-Uncle, I’m free from grading again until…well, until students hand in their drafts during class. Also, there’s this other class of students who probably want some grades & feedback & stuff. ARGH! Let’s go back to talking about dinner, shall we?

Actually, it’s not been a bad day…I do like getting work done, that feels good.

Breakfast: protein mix in coffee
Lunch: 4 small celery sticks with shrimp dip, 4 olives, handful of nuts
Dinner: umm…why can’t I remember this? Oh yeah, sesame beef & broccoli
Snack: sugar-free jello, more nuts

I’m more into fat-burning mode today! Not into big fat-burning mode, but getting there!

Happy Tuesday Chicks!

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By bigprof
On March 8, 2010
At 8:46 pm
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delitaagain Says:

Oh, btw, you are one of the sisters here who always inspired me. Your journey to 5k, plus HEART-HEART-HEART your blog name! LOL It’s just so… real! =D Lemme know, for real. We’ll go hiking.

moonfairy Says:

here’s a simple cauliflower recipe you might like. very easy to make and my whole family enjoys it. when DD saw the cauliflower yesterday, she asked if i was going to make the ‘red’ cauliflower. LOL


round Says:

good job, and the stir fry sounds good!


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