I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Hey, whatever happened to bigprof? Anyone know?

Okay, bigprof’s still here…but the Atkins-inspired, let’s lose this weight, part of me took a little holiday.

I’m calling the last few days my “personal days.” I didn’t go nuts or anything: a few beers Saturday night, a waffle Sunday morning, some rice AND popcorn last night, and a total of 3 dove (dark) chocolate bites and 2 milk chocolate ones over the last 3 days. Hey, at least I’ve kept an inventory of my carb indulgences. I’m giving myself credit for at least being conscious and deliberate (if more than a bit foolish) in these decisions.

But I’m back on the wagon now chicks. Off the scale until next week or the week after that (when I leave for a conference). The upside is that I’m almost 20 pounds lighter than the last conference in November. The bad news is that I’m hovering around the weight I’ve been hovering around for years, so no one at this conference will notice.

Hey, at least I have something to wear for this one…not going to have to worry about how to make 2 pair of jeans and one pair of black pants look professional enough for 5 days of wear. :0

Okay…here’s the accounting so far today:

Breakfast: coffee with protein mix
Lunch: salad with leftover flank steak, cheese, tomatoes, green onions, low-carb dressing
Snack: um…2 of those Dove dark chocolate pieces I mentioned above…at least the last one inspired me to come here & write. right?

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By bigprof
On March 4, 2010
At 11:14 am
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siobhanmc Says:

I’ve given you a couple of awards because I love your blog and your writing. You are such an inspiration. You can see the awards here: http://mylivelovelaughlife.com/wordpress/.

brseay Says:

I think the fact that you did keep track of your indulgences is a victory and I’m glad to see you back here. However, let’s get back on track so when you’re at the next conference people won’t even recognize you b/c you’ll be so tiny!!!!!

moonfairy Says:

i’m not a big chocolate fan but i might try some of those dove chocolate thingies just for a square or two. of course, it would have to be the milk chocolate type, not the dark chocolate.


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