I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Now I’m set…

So excited about this week’s weigh-in (see below) & about finally having a full carb-free week ahead that I hit the grocery store (2 actually since the green stuff looked pretty bad at the first place) & set right to work cooking.

It’s been a full day already: now I have 26 mini spinach quiches (Round’s idea…without the crust) for breakfast all week, mashed califlower is prepped & ready to be re-heated, big hunk of beef is marinating in the fridge (so dinner’s almost all ready), laundry’s in, dry cleaning’s dropped off, prescriptions have been picked up, and I’m unpacked.

Of course, some people will do anything to avoid grading. 😉


Breakfast: piece of cheese first thing to take the edge off…then 3 olives & a piece of cheese at the store

Snack: 3 more olives

Lunch: 2 mini quiches (6 eggs made 28 of these) & 1/2 cup mashed califlower

Dinner: will be marinated steak, mashed califlower, green beans, (& possibly a salad)

Movie Recommendation: The Future of Food (free on hulu): http://www.hulu.com/watch/67878/the-future-of-food

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On November 30, 2009
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Weigh in…thank you Dr. Atkins!

Quick note for now.

This morning’s weigh in has me at 8.1 pounds down!

Okay, so 5 of that is the same 5 I’ve been losing & gaining for months now, but I’m literally 8.1 pounds lighter after Thanksgiving than I was before it!

So…I think this means Atkins is working. It probably won’t work this well again, but I’m feeling inspired by this loss to keep at it. The issue will be–months and months from now–sticking with Atkins. The first/last time I lost with Atkins I was a semi-vegetarian, so it probably wasn’t sustainable: you can only afford fish for so long on a grad student budget.

Oh hell, I’ll worry about sustainability later. For now I’m celebrating my biggest loss in a single week ever!

Have a great Monday ya’ll!

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Another day of terrifying food…

Breakfast for hubby & MIL this morning? Bread & pecan pie. No thank you. Had hoped to persuade hubby to make breakfast for his dad (who does all the cooking)…then maybe the menu would consist of eggs rather than pie. No such luck.

So my breakfast was a slice of cheese & a slice of deli ham…again. The upside is that I think I’ve more than made up for small indulgences on T-day with this weekend. But I hope we get on the road soon so I can have some time to shop tonight & get my week 1 of atkins off to a good start.

Who knows, maybe there’ll be movement on the scale this week anyway…although if there is, it’ll probably be only movement within the same 5 pounds I’ve been losing & gaining for the last few months. Maybe I’ll put up a ticker to keep myself honest here.

Breakfast: slice cheese, slice deli ham
Snack: 2 pieces beef jerky
Lunch: 2 KFC grilled drumsticks (on the road & few other choices)
Dinner: (late) got home & cooked up a cup of spinach with mozz, parm, garlic, & cream.

Weird, but with the exception of lunch, which we ate around 3:00, I wasn’t hungry all day.

Have a peaceful Sunday!

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On November 29, 2009
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Full-on food fest…and it never seems to end

I did okay on turkey day. Yes, I had a slice of apple pie (no whipped, no ice cream); yes, I had a scoop of mashed potatoes with gravy; yes, I had a small scoop of stuffing & a spoon full of sweet potato casserole; yes, I had a scoop (and then some) of corn casserole; yes, I had two 1/2 glasses of wine, which I sipped very slowly. But no seconds, no rolls, no pie sampler, no loaded appetizers, no beer, no late night snack. Probably my most controlled T-day to date.

But it’s like the gorging never ends & it’s all carb-based. Yesterday’s breakfast was cinnemon rolls (I skipped it) & lunch was munchies and sandwiches (I had several thin crackers with hummus since at that point I was starving…ugh), and dinner was at my hubby’s favorite sub restaurant in Peoria (Avanti’s) where they’re known for their giant sweet sub rolls. I broke down…had a bowl of cheese soup & salad (had almost forgotten green veggies existed) and a piece of bread (argh). But given that the whole menu was breaded & fried, I’m counting that a moral victory if a diet failure. Then we came home & everyone ate more bread that hubby stocked up on (everyone except moi). & bread was this morning’s breakfast as well (I grabbed a chunk of gouda & a slice of deli ham from the fridge & I’m hoping it’ll hold me til we go out for lunch). UGH!

I’m glad I decided to hold off on the full Atkins induction phase until after thanksgiving, but I really thought it’d be easier to eat low carb on the not-thanksgiving days here. At least the house isn’t packed with candy for a change & I’ve been drinking a nice big glass of water every time someone offers me a beer or cocktail (which is, it turns out, really often).

Hope ya’ll are having better luck resolving the food ritual & bonding exercise of T-day with your family and your goals for yourself this next year. I’m just hoping we leave tomorrow so I can get some contol over my food possibilities.

Oh…in good news, hubby’s grandma (who’s always been one step ahead of the rest of the world with technology) is tired of her Wii and Wii fit, so she’s loaning it to us for a couple of months to see if we want one of our own. So as soon as we get it home & set up, I’m going to start my latest adventure in exercise in the kinder, gentler world of the Wii. Yay!

Update: no lunch in sight, but we did take a 1.5+ hour walk. & I encouraged hubby to buy the new Mario game for the Wii…I figure it’ll be a good incentive for him to get the Wii set up right when we get home.

Okay, so this day worked out atkins-wise:

Breakfast: deli slice ham & cube of gouda
Lunch: cup of minestrone soup (it “came with” my salad, so I ate the veggies out & gave the rest to hubby); spinach salad (with egg, tomato, avacado, & bacon dressing…dressing tasted like it had sugar in it).
Dinner: not so much. I guess hubby & MIL were full from their meals cause no one wanted dinner. I was peckish, but figured I’d use the opportunity not to eat, so I grabbed a small piece of jerky & watched in some envy as MIL munched on some tortilla chips.
Tea & soda & coffee & water for drinks.
1.5+ hour walk for exercise

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On November 28, 2009
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I hate Tuesdays!

Even the best Tuesday ever is still my worst day of the week this semester, but today’s has been made worse by my car being busted & having to share hubby’s.

Still…I managed a carb-lite day.

Breakfast: no such luck, but I’m going to try making Round’s quiches when I get back from the inlaws

Lunch: leftover chicken, spaghetti squash, green beans

water…drank about 20 oz on the drive to the other campus where I’m doing a miserable job teaching this semester.

Dinner: was a tough one to figure out, but I think I did okay: peppered beef jerky (2 medium-sized pieces), 2 wedges of laughing cow cheese (didn’t check the carb count, so this could be bad), and about 6 olives.

Snack; coffee with half/half

I’m sortof amazed at how much a small bit of food filled me up, but I shouldn’t be…it’s all fat & protein, so super filling.

Okay, class starts in 2 minutes, so I better get up there. Happy eve of eve of Thanksgiving Day folks in the the USA!

UPDATE: Home from class & the house smells like pies! Hubby’s tasked with baking 2 apples & one chocolate for dinner at his sister’s house in IL. I was hungry coming home anyway & clearly now’s not the time for the faint-at-heart, so I scrambled up 2 eggs with a little onion, spinach, & swiss. Yummy & potential sweets binge averted.

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On November 24, 2009
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Okay, it’s only day 2, but…

I’m feeling a little more in control now that I have a plan for my eating. Example: today my department ran it’s winter celebration of writers & I volunteered to help set up, knowing that the giant cookies we always get wouldn’t be there as early in the day as I was. Unfortunately, while there were no cookies (yay!) there were these honking big platters of kisses & mini-sized candy bars & UGH.

Any other food plan & I’d rationalize a couple of pieces of candy. But with the low carb thing, you just know that that one small candy can knock you out of fat-burning mode faster than the time it takes to say “ooh, I’ll just have one, thanks!”

Not that I’m in fat-burning mode. But I do hope to be there soon.

So I said no to the candy…& at this point I should say something corny like “I said no to candy & yes to me.” But saying “no” to candy runs counter to my nature, so I’m just happy with “no” at this point.

Anywho…food. Today lunch was leftovers of roast beef, spaghetti squash, and broccoli. For dinner hubby dipped chicken breasts in an egg wash & parm cheese (with some herbs), baked it, and then we covered them in buffalo sauce (yum!); green beans, and salad. I ate half the chicken breast with half for tomorrow’s lunch/dinner combo (long day teaching) along with spaghetti squash & green beans. I may pack a salad with egg as well since tomorrow is my fast-food weakness day or maybe I’ll just chaw on some jerky on the drive to class.

Meanwhile, wander over to Sunny’s page. Woman has lost 60+ pounds!

I’m thankful for this community this holiday season & for all the inspiration and motivation and support ya’ll give!

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On November 23, 2009
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“Nuevo” Plan

Because saying it in Spanish makes it seem less like 100th nuevo plan I’ve come up with.

I’m mini-Atkins-ing it this week. Mini because I’m not setting myself up for failure by assuming I can easily Atkins through Thanksgiving at my in-laws. But, with luck I’ll at least be in enough of an Atkins mindset to take it easy on the carbs for once.

So, 3 days of the 2-week part of Atkins, then Thanksgiving, then I’ll Atkins for real until Christmas with my family, then Atkins until I have my diet & exercise under my own control (with holiday & other exceptions). It works, I know it works, it’s just so dern hard to get started with Atkins &, apparently, too dern easy to stop.

But I need a kickstart here, so it’ll provide that at the very least.

Figure I want/need to lose about 60 pounds before a week-long vacation with a ton of grad school friends in the Wisconsin Dells. I picture me by the pool looking younger & healthier than ever, me & hubby riding our bikes everywhere, me & the gang hiking like crazy, and the best overall summer of my life. Big dreams. Now to go about getting there. Step one is Atkins. Step 2 is exercise. Step 3 is to repeat steps 1 & 2 over and over again.

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On November 22, 2009
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Holy cow! Where did the semester go already?

I HATE this time of year. My courses are running full throttle: students are turning in drafts & polished projects & revisions & extra credit work & online discussion forums. I’m a grading/responding idiot right now.

Last week as hubby & I pulled ourselves away from grading to head home, & realized that once again we’d forgotten to prep anything for dinner, I complained about all the eating out we’ve been doing. But, hubby pointed out, it’s that time of the semester. I’m eating okay, even out. Salads to open, a couple of nights of the local dive’s spinach pie with a baked potato, curried tofu from Pei Wei today.

Luckily hubby left the office early tonight, leaving me time to finish up stuff while he cooked the meatloaf, green beans, and big salad. Really nice to come home to a hot meal. Ate chicken & broccoli & apple crisp at our friends’ house in Ohio last night. I’m at the point of barely remembering the week here, which isn’t such a bad thing, but I leave for Philadelphia for a conference on Wednesday, so I gotta get back to tracking food before it’s too late.

& yeah, this conference comes at a crappy time of the year, but I have to go every damn year. Okay, complain-fest ends here.

We got back late from Ohio this morning, so no breakfast, no weigh-in. Tomorrow I’m shooting for both. Lunch & dinner I covered above. Tomorrow lunch will be leftover Pei Wei & a slice of meatloaf. Dinner will be a big apple & a large coffee (teaching night). We got a long walk in last night with our friends, & our 1.2-mile walk in tonight.

But let’s face it. This is no way to start over. I need a tape (yoga or pilates) and a routine.

Hope ya’ll are doing good this week.

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On November 16, 2009
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Houston, we have liftoff!

Okay, bad title, sorry. But this week I’m a little lighter, 3.8 pounds as of Monday…5.2 on Tuesday, but Tuesday doesn’t count: I’m interested only in weekly weight as evidence of overall loss rather than random fluctuations.

Haven’t checked in b/c this week is from hell…again, but I kept track of my food anyway:

Lunch: 1.5 cups bean soup
Snack: 12 pretzels & 1 ounce cheese
Dinner: beef brisket, broccoli, sweet potato, & big salad

Breakfast: Grapefruit with 1 tbs brown sugar
Lunch: 2 small slices of brisket & broccoli
Dinner: cheese tortiloni with a cream sauce & tons of onion, tom, & peas (small bowl), big salad

Lunch: Boston Market: mashed, creamed spinach, green beans, corn bread
Dinner: 1/2 big apple
Snack: 1 cup leftover tortolini

Breakfast: grapefruit with 1 tsp white sugar
Lunch: guess I should grab a salad
Dinner: unknown (it’s hubby’s music committee & choir night, plus we have to get a lasagna & two pineapple upside down cakes to the church: it’s our church’s week to sponsor a mobile homeless shelter)…an all-veggie night would be good.

Exercise is where ever I can fit it in.

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On November 11, 2009
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The rules–revisited

I started the rules 2 years ago to get me thinking about how to lose weight. They include things like sitting down at the dinner table for dinner & turning off the TV…something that’s much easier since we got rid of the TV downstairs & cable everywhere. Looking over the rules, I see that some of them have just become habit, even when I’ve been away from 3fc and not thinking about dieting:

Lunch is always on a bread plate, dinner on a 7-inch plate, and I can’t bring myself to make pasta or rice without cramming it full of veggies. & I’ve always been a veggie nut. When hubby & I visit family we both end up craving salads because we have them with just about every meal & our folks (on both sides) don’t. In fact, visiting family, we can go days without laying eyes on a single leafy green veggie.

So some of the rules are a part of my daily routine now & I don’t even have to think about them. But other rules like water with meals (something I only do if I’m eating out), portion control, crunchy veggies to munch on while I decide how much more I need to eat, & 3 meals a day…these things have fallen by the wayside. & they need to be joined by one fruit a day, 1 hour of exercise a day, and calorie counting. So…back to the rules with the extended rules added in for good measure. That’s the goal for this week; that & a little bit of definitive movement on the scale.

Breakfast: 1/2 grapefruit topped with 1 teaspoon brown sugar (90 cals) and broiled in the oven until warm & sweet.

Lunch: probably going to be a big salad grapefruit was so yummy, I had the other half & a hard boiled egg.

Dinner: bean soup again & a big salad.

Exercise: 1/2 hour walk with the dog

Warning: Bitch Session Below

Always…and forever. Pretty words, unfortunately, I’m referring to the “always…and forever” of housework.

Here’s the deal, hubby & I have the same freakin’ job, only mine has a wee bit more pressure as I’m 2 years closer to going up for tenure than he is. On average, I do 1.5-2 hours of housework (shopping, cooking, cleaning, organizing, dusting, mopping, laundry, etc) a day & he does (if I’m lucky) 1.5-2 hours a week. But it’s hard to say you’re “fed up” with this arrangement when you’ve been saying that you’re “fed up” with this arrangement for over a year now & nothing has ever, ever changed about it.

So…this summer while we were in the UP, we paid to have someone cut our grass at the house here (cheaper than driving 1,100-miles round trip every week). Now the grass is done for the year, so I’m hiring a housekeeper to come in once a month to do the carpets (hubby’s job & he does them only when we’re having company, so every other month or so), the bathrooms (hubby’s never once done these), the dusting (again all me), the windows (me), kitchen appliances & cabinets (me). It won’t reduce my daily housework at all, but it’ll free up a few hours on the weekend that I could actually use to write &, possibly, give me a shot at getting published so I can get tenure.

There’s part of me that feels creepy doing this…hiring someone to clean my house? We’re not rich, we’re struggling to pay student loans & credit card bills from decades of higher education, lowest pay; but I just can’t do this on my own any more. & maybe if he sees money going out for this every month, he’ll actually recognize how much work goes into this house, respect what’s involved in keeping a house running, & maybe even start pitching in a little. Big dreams…I’m putting a lot on this fictional housekeeper. But I’m going through with it next week. No more threatening to hire someone.

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