I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Success! and radio silence…

Hubby successfully defended his diss on Monday & was referred to as “Dr.” for the first time around 1:30 that day (this is a privilege reserved for the dissertation director, so I was only the second person to call him that).

We haven’t gone hog wild with the celebrations: a trip to the beach on Monday night, friends over last night, jam making today. But it has been a relaxing couple of days. Tomorrow we’ll start packing to head back down state & cleaning/getting this house ready for our tenant’s return on Saturday. It’ll be a crazy couple of weeks after that getting classes prepped, but I’m aiming to get into a workout routine as quickly as possible.

I’m also canceling cable. Hubby hates TV, everything I might want to watch is on Hulu anyway, and I’m much more productive when there’s no siren song of mindless TV to answer. Without TV this summer, those 1.5-2 hour walks were perfect. I had the time to do them. With TV, it’ll be harder to motivate myself off the couch & out the door. Folks who have done this already…it’s doable, right? Help me out here as I am a little nervous about cutting the cord.

Okay, it’s only for a 1 year experiment. I enjoy summers without the noise box blathering on and on, but then I’m usually happy to return to some mindless entertainment in the fall. In fact, I usually OD on TV that first week back.

Anyway, the real “radio silence” in the title isn’t about the TV thing: it’s about my relative absence from this site. I usually reserve blog writing/reading for when hubby’s away from the house or I’m away from him…cause this is MY space & while he knows about this blog, I’m just not into having him looking over my shoulder reading it…not that he’s interested, mind you. Anywho, for the last couple of weeks we’ve been pretty inseparable what with his folks being in town, all the friend packing/moving, and his major revision sessions for the diss. So…and I’m only realizing this now…I haven’t had much alone time to write my own (non-work) stuff. That’s something I’m looking forward to doing when we get back down state. There’s actually a lot I’m looking forward to, but blogging regularly is at the top of the list.

Ta Ta For Now (TTFN)

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On August 12, 2009
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Calm blue ocean…

Okay, things are better. I’m going to take the high road here, especially since these folks are on their way out of town this weekend, hubby’s all about forgiveness, & I have a short memory for this kind of stuff anyway (see drama below if this doesn’t make any sense to you).

So friend’s hubby defended his diss today & we went to the defense. Not bad. My hubby, more importantly, defends his diss THIS Monday. Very good. Friend’s house is empty, so we’re having them for dinner tonight & probably tomorrow night as well.

In other news, hubby & I have finally picked enough thimbleberries for a few cups of jam. Figured out the trick only after my day picking them alone with the dog. You gotta have two people for this job. First of all, thimbleberries aren’t cultivated, so no one’s been so kind as to gather a field of them together for you to pick. Instead, they grow on hillsides near and into the tree line. & they don’t all generously ripen at the same time, so you might climb a hill (around these parts, they’re steeper than stairs at most points) only to pick the 1-2 ripe berries on a bush before climbing back down again to climb at the next spotting of the ruby red berries.

Sometimes, though, you get into a patch of them where you might find as many as 10 berries (slightly bigger than wild raspberries) in one spot. That’s where the person on the ground comes in handy. While you climb around, the person on the ground shouts out the location of additional berries you can’t spot.

This, and the fact that they’re too fragile to ship, is why 6oz of thimbleberry jam will run you between $12-16 around these parts. But it’s good stuff…a little sweeter than raspberries & with less annoying seeds.

Calm blue ocean…for me, that’s making jam with hubby. Last night we made the local strawberries I froze earlier in the summer into 8.5 pints of jam…there are no better strawberries than the ones in the UP, I think. Next we have 5 pints of local raspberries to jam & then the thimbleberries. We may try our hand at pickles when we get back down state next week. & I’m officially praying that our local blueberries come in before we have to leave here.

No other news here. We’re trying to enjoy the last few days up here & getting some writing done in the process. It’ll be good to go home & get back to school…this summer vacation has been too very stressful & too damn busy. I need a vacay from my so-called vacay.

Happy weekend chicks!

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On August 7, 2009
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Change of heart (see post below this one)

& not in the direction you might usually suspect.

I decided last night that I really am upset & angry at my “friend” for lying about her “ladies’ night out” (her husband told mine about the trip, apparently).

Here’s why: not only did she lie when she said she had to get ready for a “meeting” at 6, not a party; but she actually asked me what hubby & I were doing last night before we left her house. Yeah…how’s that for shitty? In other words, no way in hell did she, as her hubby said, “think she might have forgotten to ask” me to join her little sunset cruise.

So…she lies, her husband lies, and then I’m supposed to show up (late) to her little party when everyone else at that little party knows that I was an after thought, an also-ran, the person she felt she HAD to invite & not someone she wanted to invite like the rest of the little party.

Awesome. I thought I left this bullshit popularity crap behind in high school! But no, the beautiful & wealthy size 4s still rule the planet & I get to feel awesome when they toss a bone my way.

Show of hands…who thinks I’m p*$$ed about this?

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On August 6, 2009
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Short one…

Been helping our second set of moving friends with annoying errands for the past couple of (3?) days, cooking, feeding kids, breaking down the swing set, recycyling runs, packing up the office, etc. Not a big deal & nothing like the 3-day moving-nightmare-athon of our other friends (since the second set can afford packers & movers and the first set needed our help for that cause…well, grad school makes most people broke).

Anywho, this morning I woke up & thought, “gee, it’d be nice to do some laundry so we have clean towels & clothes & sheets, and wouldn’t it be nice to tackle the dishes stacked all around the kitchen and, gee, don’t I need to eventually get some gifts for hubby’s defense celebration?” In other words, after several weeks of entertaining inlaws, traveling for a funeral, entertaining inlaws again, packing, writing, packing, this place is a mess & I’m tired of it.

So while hubby went back over to our friends to continue helping out with their move, I started laundry (it’s only 1/2 way done at 6:30 now), cleaned the kitchen & shopped for gifts for him.

Got to our friends house around 2:00 & hubby was on his way out to the hardware store for something they needed & I immediately got a list of alcohol to purchase to restock their boat & instructions to put it on the boat for them. Not a big deal, we’ve been drinking their boat alcohol all summer. So I hit the liquor store, hit the marina, loaded up their boat with yummy stuff. But turns out I was buying it & storing it so our woman friend could take her women friends out for a cruise tonight. Turns out, I’m not one of those women friends. HA!

I know this cause she must’ve got to the boat, seen that I bought them a bottle of Petrone gold (from us as a special gift) & felt guilty since we’ve been doing so much for them for the last few days and all. So her hubby calls with a bullshit story that she must’ve forgot to tell me about the trip. But that seems unlikely, doesn’t it? I mean, we were on the boat last night, she saw me going to get the stuff, asked me if I put it on the boat, and said goodbye when we left without a followup, “see you tonight.”

Here’s the deal, I’m not upset. I doubt I’d like her other women friends. But I think it’s all pretty damn funny.

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On August 5, 2009
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Crazy time…

So after we got back from my uncle’s funeral, hubby & I entertained his folks for a few days while also trying to revise the diss (him) and write the book review (me). Then we were thrown into packing/moving hell trying to get some friends on their way to a tenure-line position in Penn. Diss is drafted & waiting for hubby to pick it (the unofficial version) up at the print shop. Review is in the hands of the editor. Friends should’ve arrived in Penn yesterday. And so it begins again.

Today we’ll help another friend (this one moving to Ohio) pack up his office & do some other odd jobs around his house. Hubby’s still editing his diss (for when they bound the final copy), & I have two articles to finish up.

Meanwhile. The summer is slipping away from us. Hubby defends on Monday & we leave the UP a week from Friday (so packing up this place & cleaning it for our tenant). Then we’ll have two weeks to prep for classes (damn, I didn’t order textbooks yet!) & a new year begins.

It’s crazy time here.

But I still hope to see major movement on the scale when I get back to the downstate house. & I’m thinking about heading back to the Y the minute we get home (okay, the following day) so I can get a routine going.

Hope ya’ll are doing well…I need to catch up!

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