I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Salad good, beer bad

These are words I need to learn to live by!

The salad was very good at dinner last night & I’m glad I ordered it instead of the dozens of really tempting & fattening offerings on the menu. But I also had 2 beers & fries with lunch. So…to recap…my only exercise has been walking around the town at a leisurely pace (although, altogether these walks add up to just over 1.5 hours of my day) & I’m making bad choices with food.

So the plan for today is more walking, which should be easy to do since in addition to my walks today, we’re taking the L to the Cubs game tonight, so there’ll be plenty of walking to the game. Also, I need to start making better choices at least until the game when, I suspect, I’ll end up eating a hotdog if we don’t get dinner first.

Gee, interesting how that plan sounds so much like NOT A PLAN AT ALL! Okay, I’m not planning today: today I’m winging it & making good choices as I go.

Happy Day [email protected]

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By bigprof
On July 7, 2009
At 6:27 am
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tiny2b Says:

mmmmmmm… beer

just wanted to say hi : ) I have been blog negligent lately.

moonfairy Says:

I always say one of the hardest thing to do is make good choices at a restaurant. Good job on choosing the salad.

feathers Says:

Salad. Wow. A friend’s hubby goes by the theory that “salad is what food eats” and I’m a bit inclined to think I haven’t had a meal at all if it’s “just” salad. I really have to re-think that. I hope the good choices keep working for you.


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