I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Need to motivate…

Huge stress blowout yesterday…family, work, hubby’s diss, stupid doctor. The upside is I ate not so much because I had no appetite (me, no appetite, somebody record the date). The downside is last night was my second in a row with a migrane.


Now I need to get moving & head for the portage for my walk or else I’m not going to get those numbers added to my pedometer & that would suck. Big time.

A little blog reading should get me in the mood to move. Let’s see who’s posted today.

Update: Okay, yeah, I was a little nervous I wouldn’t get my steps in today. No motivation, tired, sore, stressed. But after I checked in with some folks here, I managed 1 hour 10 minutes this morning. Then hubby & I took a 25 minute walk after dinner, so I’m in safe territory with 11256 & plenty of daylight left to burn.

Tomorrow’s goals inlcude another 1.5 hours of walking, hitting my food goals, and finishing up this stupid essay I’ve been struggling with.

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By bigprof
On May 23, 2009
At 8:19 am
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mango Says:

Thank you for the comment on my blog! It cheered me up a bit 🙂

I still hope to make over a better impression, but I know exactly what you mean – I’m glad I’m not the only one to do that!

I hope you’re feeling a bit better now, and that the next few days are stress free for you.

Take care,
Mango x

getupnow Says:

Ugh. I used to have migraines. I don’t know if my hormones changed after having my bio kids or what, but I don’t have them anymore. I do take excedrin at the first little hint of a headache (as does my sister who also had migraines) and that also seemed to help. And that could be a little easier than the pregnancy and childbirth remedy. 😉


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