I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Oh what the hell?!

I’ve been going back & forth about walking into town. Hubby assures me we’ll walk & sauna tonight, but if something comes up…I’ll be in trouble. We just rolled into town last Friday, so something–some trip to visit a friend or, like last night, some last-minute dinner plans–is bound to come up.

Not to mention the fact that all morning I’ve just been sitting around reading blogs & FB & dreading turning my focus to these gawdawful revisions I need to make…soon! I’ll focus better if I’m away from the house (laundry, cleaning, dinner prep, the phone) & I’ll get my exercise to boot, so why am I going back & forth on this…one word…HILLS!

It’s nothin’ but hills between me & the next town over. I used to do this walk every day last summer, but then when I was done working at the coffee shop, I’d walk another mile or so to hubby’s office at the university & he’d drive us home. So…no huge hills at the end of the walk. Well, hubby’s not a grad student at that university any more, so no office to walk to. That means I’m facing a pleasant walk to town that’s mostly downhill to the bridge & then a deadly walk home, uphill, at this grade you just wouldn’t believe.

I guess what I’m saying is that the real problem here is really four words…I am a WIMP!

Oh, what the hell. I’m off.

Update: I remembered something important about this weight-loss thing…small victories mean a lot. So I laced up my shoes, threw my laptop into a backpack, and headed out. Only a 35-minute walk there, but a 45-minute walk home. It’s around 4 miles roundtrip & not an unpleasant trip at that. I also got in 3 good hours writing, came home, cooled off, & put in another hour on this essay that is finally starting to come together, I think (hope!).

The hills were a bear. I brought my cell thinking that if I wimped out when I got to the coffeeshop, I could always call & have hubby pick me up. But then I figured if I didn’t tackle the damn hills today, that would give me a reason not to tackle them tomorrow too–I had the excuse all ready, “I’ll do the return trip when I’m stronger & in better shape.”–Well, I’m in miserable shape, but I took the hill slow & steady & lived to tell the tale. So there’s no excuses for me tomorrow either!

Now hubby’s downstairs making a veggie & pasta dish, so I gotta run or he will use the bleached pasta rather than the whole wheat stuff. & since my rule with pasta is that it must be at least equal parts veggies & pasta, I’ve got some supervising (read: nagging) and chopping to do if I want it to be just this side of healthy.

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On May 20, 2009
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getupnow Says:

OMG. I totally would hesitate on that too! I am ok with getting the tough stuff over with first. But the tough stuff being at the end? YIKES! 😯 But if you take it slow enough, it could be great. Hope you had a great walk!

mango Says:

I hear that! I don’t mind walking anywhere, but walking home is always uphill at like a 45 degree angle!

Thanks for your comment 🙂 You’re right – any loss is great news! I’m not on doctorate level yet, I’m just going into senior year of Psychology, but working with a lecturer who’s in the top 3 of her field in the world; looking at spatial mental abilities. It’s not what I want to go into, but she’s a great person to work with! Eventually I want to do a doctorate in Clinical Psychology – one of the most competitive psychological specialties but I’m up for the challenge!

I hope to join the realms of academia one day too 🙂

Keep going with the walking; it’s so much easier to get another star of exercise when you’re on the way to somewhere 😀 And good job joining W8C, I love it! Hope you enjoy it too 🙂

Take care,
Mango x

brseay Says:

Look at you! Now that you have conquered that hill it will get easier and easier. Plus, your calves and butt will look awesome! I have found hills to be much easier since I have been consistent w/my lunges and squats; my butt might be covered in fat but underneath that layer there is rock hard muscle.

feathers Says:

I am really proud of the way you took to those hills and won. Love the way you talked yourself into it, too. I’m going to keep that in mind for myself.

eileen2blean Says:

That was awesome!! Congrats on taking the initiative to just DO IT and for plowing through and making that get-home-hill-climb a total success story for the day!!! WTG!!


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