I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Back on track…

How many times have I said that?

Doesn’t matter so long as each time I mean it. Right?

Brseay has an important post up today. She was thinking about how to maintain this holiday season (read: school vacation) when she realized that just thinking about maintaining was a kind of sabotage of her goals. I read this post & suddenly instead of stretching out before me as an endless month of mindless munching, big meals, party food, and disappointment, December is starting to look like a month where maybe, just maybe, I can actually move that scale in the right direction. Hell, school’s out so I’ll have time to exercise & plan meals, right? So why not look at December as an awesome month & stop fearing it? Apparently Delitagain is celebrating her second month of losses & setting some goals for December as well. Damn. Seems like being proactive, rather than failing miserably at being reactive all month may be the way to go…for me anyway.

Meantime, I see Josephine completed her half Mary on Sunday…the force was with her. It’s an awesome read, very fun, makes me wish I could run for more than a few minutes at a time. & tiny2b is training for one.

I don’t want to jinx her…although that’s probably not possible right now anyway…but getupnow is making steady progress. And eryn’s back on the wagon now that things have settled down a bit from her move.

Meanwhile, anyone hear from soclose? & I guess we’ve lost our Periwinkle?

Okay, no sadness. Maybe we can have a live chat sometime soon?

Today’s food:

Breakfast: protein shake (light OJ & vanilla protein)

Lunch: whole wheat pasta/veggie thing & salad

Snack: apple & 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds

Dinner:1 slice pork loin, 1 cup gold mashed potatoes, 4 tbs pork gravy, beets, & salad (w/tom, carrots, & pumpkin seeds)

Snack: tea with milk & honey

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On December 2, 2008
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tylerdurden Says:

You’re right, there is no reason for us to simply tread water this month, we can move forward! A live chat would be pretty awesome!


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