I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Gee, that didn’t take long…

Started my food journal & my new resolve to eat like my bootcamp trainer recommends today…

but now I’m wondering where exactly the pizza for dinner fits into my perfect plan. UGH!

I’ve ordered pizza only four times since I moved here over 2 years ago & one of those times was my first night here before any of my furniture or boxes had arrived. Pizza just isn’t my thing. I can take it or leave it. Mostly I prefer to leave it. I mean, I like pizza in theory. But it’s not something I crave or even enjoy that much. Unless it’s hubby’s homemade pizza, that is. But nothing beats homemade crust! Otherwise, really, why bother?

So obviously when hubby came downstairs from his office & asked “what’s for dinner?” I said, “pork loin, mashed potatoes, broccoli, & salad.” & then he said, “sounds like a lot of work.”

Well, I’ve been responding to student projects ALL DAY LONG & I’m cross-eyed, goofy, and drained from it all. & I still have to prep my classes for tomorrow. & he’s been writing his diss all day. & that’s all it took chicks! Suddenly I saw veggies needing to be washed & chopped, pots bubbling, a table to be set, a salad to be made, dishes to be washed.

“or pizza delivery,” I said & you don’t have to ask hubby twice when it comes to pizza. He’d eat it every day if I let him.

So the pizza we got was cut in squares…smallish squares, rather than long triangles. I had 2. & huby ordered cheese bread too. Very small pieces of that, but I had 2. Now I feel grose and greasy & I’ve exceeded my calories for the day by almost 200, so I can’t even have a lovely piece of fruit to balance out my nutrition.

Maybe downing a ton of water would make me feel better?

I suck!

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By bigprof
On October 28, 2008
At 6:09 pm
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tiny2b Says:

You don’t suck, but yes, chug an assload of water to flush it out.

And you should totally be taking advice from me, because I have my food so under control. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

getupnow Says:

No, suckage would DEFINITELY require more pizza than that. You clearly don’t suck.

I so wish I felt about pizza that way. I have this little hierarchy of bad food, like I will think if I am going to eat saturated fat which would I choose, cheese or chocolate? I like chocolate, but cheese wins. And therefore greasy cheesy pizza wins, hands down. I could probably eat half of a pizza. Now THAT sucks!

eryn76 Says:

So you had 2 little squares of pizza (is it just me or is square cut pizza the BEST?!) and 2 squares of garlic bread. Yes, suckage would DEFINITELY require more pizza than that as getupnow says. I LOVE pizza, and although I can’t eat it all the time, there are times when I sit down in front of it and have to force myself to stop at 1 peice – sometimes 2. Depending on the size of the pie, I could eat 1/2 – whole one by myself. Yes, I’d feel horrible afterwards, but it has been done.

I think you did just fine!! Drink lots and lots of water just to counteract the sodium in the pizza!!


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