I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Last week of boot camp…until the next month of boot camp!


I missed boot camp on Wednesday cause of meetings, but our trainer held a make up day yesterday morning, so I went to that instead. SO MUCH FUN! I mean, it’s agony, total agony, but not at all boring & it’s fun to see what my body can do if I just give it a chance.

So I signed up to do another month. The pounds aren’t coming off, but I’m hoping that’s a temporary glitch as the muscles build. We’ll see what my measurements are on the last day of this camp. Either way, I’m happy to be doing it again…it feels so good for me.

Hubby’s parents are coming into town today (don’t know when cause with arrival/departure times, it’s all don’t ask, don’t tell with his family), so time to clean. It’ll be nice to see them again, but we both have a ton of work that has to get done this weekend & I don’t see how that’s going to happen. Anyway, no sense getting upset…I do wish I knew if they were planning to be here at noon or 6 though. UGH!

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By bigprof
On October 11, 2008
At 8:18 am
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getupnow Says:

OMG. I would be a nervous wreck not knowing when someone was going to roll in the driveway. Yikes!

I am so happy for you on your bootcamp love. It is so cool to be able to challenge yourself like that and still enjoy it so much. Good for you!

Have a great weekend! 😀

tiny2b Says:

Hope your company arrived safely and got settled in and don’t drive you too batty while they visit in the midst of all the work chaos!

feathers Says:

It’s so great to catch up with you after being away for so long. Totally loving your boot camp stories and I’m just so happy for you that you are loving it so much. It sucks about your knee, but I’m glad you made the best of a bad thing, even though you didn’t make the race, I bet the dog was happy, and as you say, you saved your knee for bootcamp and that was the really important thing.


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