I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


No race day… :(

I picked up my racing stuff yesterday (it’s a half-marathon as well, so there are hundreds of people doing it, so I figured I’d take advantage of the early pick up…turns out, everyone else did too) . Then on the ride back from the airport last night, I asked hubby if he’d walk it with me…slow & easy since my knee is still really owie. & he agreed. So that was the plan, do the 5k, but walk it & get hubby involved too.

Then this morning when the alarm went off, I realized how crazy it was to pay $35 just to have him join me in what would amount to a 3-mile stroll. & I couldn’t picture myself going slow once at the starting line, so I hit the alarm & went back to bed.

We just got back from a 3-mile walk, slowly around the neighborhood & the bonus of this one (aside from our not shelling out more money to do it) is the dog joined us for the walk. The downside is my knee is killing me & it gave out maybe half a dozen times towards the end of our walk.

Okay, food/calories:

breakfast: milk (102) & choc protein mix (80) & banana (50) TOTAL= 232

Lunch: pumpkin soup with seeds TOTAL = 183

Snack: slice of whole wheat bread (80) with 2 tbs peanut butter (190) (starving!) TOTAL = 270

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By bigprof
On October 5, 2008
At 2:22 pm
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delitaagain Says:

Just catching up. Sad about the knee, but you! are doing good. Very nice. Just wanted to mention that I learned about knees from long distance hikers and CrossFitters. Squats good; knee extension machine, bad. In fact, it is known to wreck knees. Trust your body, you are well on your way. LOL! Who am I to give advice! You are the one inspiring me! I think of your blog title, a lot. It is inspiring me to become things I haven’t dreamed for a long time. Good to *see* you! Take care, Delita

soclose Says:

Glad you didn’t try to run with that knee; I was more than a little concerned that you would.

m3at49 Says:

Bum knee, huh? I’m glad “your” doctor 🙂 diagnosed a sprain cause that’s something that can mend. Long as ya let it and don’t get all hyper and do too much too soon. Which you won’t…right?!!! So sorry you couldn’t do your 5 k, but very happy you had the good sense to keep your knee home. 🙂 Rest is good, donkey. LOL I loved that Shrek!!!

17 pounds…you can nail that by the Lord Hairy Moses! That’s a very attainable goal.That’s just under a couple pounds per week by your birthday. You can do that and still stay off that knee by really watching the chow intake. 😆 Yeah I know, I know…I’m trying to make the hardest damned part of the whole process seem like it’s nutting! 😆 Do as I say, not as I do!

m3at49 Says:

What’s with all the smiley heads? I just annoyed the hell outta myself.

tylerdurden Says:

I’m sorry you missed your race, but I think you made a wise decision. There will always be another race down the pike, but you only have one (well, two) knee.

tiny2b Says:

Good call, especially if it was giving out on a walk. And hey, look at your hubby getting up and getting involved. Good job. My hubby and I just went on a four mile walk to pick up DD9 from school, so two miles without her and two with her. I’m trying to get my husb out every chance i can while the weather is not RAIN because his S.A.D. is kicking in already and it’s barely fall. He refuses to acknowledge that he is affected by the gray weather, but he totally is.


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