I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


But am I losing?

No, the answer is no. I haven’t lost in the longest time & I haven’t been upset about that for the longest time. I’ve pretty much settled into the weight I was 2 summers ago & I’m holding. But I don’t want to hold. No more! I want to break into the 160s again, I want to go beyond that, I want to lose 17 by Christmas & buy a new pair of much smaller jeans for my birthday.

So here we go again. Back to it. Today will be a long work day, but I’m mixing in a couple of walks, situps, pushups, and maybe some squats (depending on the knee). Tomorrow if the swelling is down, I’m doing the 5k. & snacks are fruit, nuts, & seeds for the next week. I want to see movement on that scale. It’s time to break into the 160s, enough coasting. Maybe I should try calorie counting again?

Breakfast: light orange juice (40) & protein shake mix (80) with 1/2 banana (50) TOTAL = 170

Lunch: pumpkin soup (with 1/8 cup pumpkin seeds on top) & salad with light dressing (soup=90, seeds=93, salad=100) TOTAL = 283

Dinner: pumpkin soup with 1/8 cup pumpkin seeds (183); 1/2 cup squash (33), green beans (34), chicken sausage (120), whole wheat bun (110) TOTAL= 480

Total for day=933 (okay, no good)

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By bigprof
On October 4, 2008
At 8:02 am
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getupnow Says:

Mmm. Pumpkin soup sounds so yummy. I gotta find a good recipe.

I am all about the calorie counting and food measuring. I have one of those cheap plastic kitchen scales, but I have my eye on a nice digital one. I think I will always need to count calories at least part of the time just to keep myself from gradually getting out of control. It is so easy to over do it, especially with my sunflower seed weakness.

eryn76 Says:

Yumm… I LOVE pumpkin soup. I had a recipe for pumpkin soup with black beans that my friend gave me awhile ago but I have no idea where it went. Oh well, not that I’d get my husband or kids to eat it.

tiny2b Says:

I am on the band wagon with you. I am celebrating every NOT A GAIN week, but I need to lose. And, hello, last two weigh ins? Slight gain.

Time to start the weighing and the measuring and the just saying no. Not my area of strength, that saying no business.

soclose Says:

Hope your 5K goes well but please don’t push if your knee isn’t 100%. Good luck!!

I read your comment on my blog……….. My biggest problem is: I KNOW what not to eat but my willpower wanes when I need it most–candy, cookies, brownies, hot fudge, cheesecake, pie—you name it, I love it (and WAY too often)!!!! I need to start writing down everything I put in my mouth; it’s not the amounts, it’s too many treats are way too attractive to me. I NEVER counted cals. when I lost my original 30+ lbs……I really just exercised and stayed away from what I KNOW I should stay from. I behaved all this week and this am was 2 lbs. lighter—it works; I just gotta DO IT!!!


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