I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


A squat too far…

Pretty title, huh?

Yeah, too many squats during SWAT yesterday. My butt & thighs are screaming!

Today’s a fast day…which is so much more fun to write here than a story of pizza indulgence. Still, thanks for the support through the pizza mishap chicks!

I’m a wee bit hungry after dinner, but I think I left enough calories over for 1/2 apple & cheese stick snack. I’ve found that’s pretty filling & a satisfying combo.

Let’s see:

Brkfst: protein w/light OJ & 1/2 banana (170)
grazing all day: carrots, 2 cheese sticks (100), 2 fruit leather (95), HB egg (70)
Dinner: 2 eggs scrambled (140), wheat tst (100), 1 cup spinach (30), 1 tbs light cream cheese (17)
subtotal: 722 (so I have 88 calories to spare…hmmm what to have…maybe just some carrots to fill me up).

The grazing all day makes this pretty easy…I hope I see some results from it this week!

Okay, I’m off to read what ya’ll are up to…I wonder if Periwinkle’s back yet! Where the [email protected] is she?!

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On October 30, 2008
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Gee, that didn’t take long…

Started my food journal & my new resolve to eat like my bootcamp trainer recommends today…

but now I’m wondering where exactly the pizza for dinner fits into my perfect plan. UGH!

I’ve ordered pizza only four times since I moved here over 2 years ago & one of those times was my first night here before any of my furniture or boxes had arrived. Pizza just isn’t my thing. I can take it or leave it. Mostly I prefer to leave it. I mean, I like pizza in theory. But it’s not something I crave or even enjoy that much. Unless it’s hubby’s homemade pizza, that is. But nothing beats homemade crust! Otherwise, really, why bother?

So obviously when hubby came downstairs from his office & asked “what’s for dinner?” I said, “pork loin, mashed potatoes, broccoli, & salad.” & then he said, “sounds like a lot of work.”

Well, I’ve been responding to student projects ALL DAY LONG & I’m cross-eyed, goofy, and drained from it all. & I still have to prep my classes for tomorrow. & he’s been writing his diss all day. & that’s all it took chicks! Suddenly I saw veggies needing to be washed & chopped, pots bubbling, a table to be set, a salad to be made, dishes to be washed.

“or pizza delivery,” I said & you don’t have to ask hubby twice when it comes to pizza. He’d eat it every day if I let him.

So the pizza we got was cut in squares…smallish squares, rather than long triangles. I had 2. & huby ordered cheese bread too. Very small pieces of that, but I had 2. Now I feel grose and greasy & I’ve exceeded my calories for the day by almost 200, so I can’t even have a lovely piece of fruit to balance out my nutrition.

Maybe downing a ton of water would make me feel better?

I suck!

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On October 28, 2008
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Boot camp again!

I missed it, but it didn’t miss me. My mile was better than two weeks ago, but I’m beginning to think the name of this blog is all wrong…I guess I don’t run now. No, I don’t like that, back to the drawing board with the running. But my squats, pushups, situps, & plank were all slightly worse than 2 weeks ago. UGH!

On the upside, I am still in better shape than I was at the beginning of the last SWAT. So, that’s good, right? Ugh.

I’m going to save the fast until Thursday cause we’re doing “fight gone wrong,” which kicked my butt last time, on Wednesday, so I want my nutrition to be dead on for that.

But I’m hoping to lose big this time around!

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On October 27, 2008
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Long time, no blog…

Okay, another quick update cause I have a free hour & I’d rather catch up & find out what ya’ll have been up to this past week than write. Hell, I know what I’ve been up to & it’s no good! Only walks for exercise, which means the first day of new bootcamp is going to be brutal!

The fast thing is pretty okay. I messed up my Thursday fast cause my dept. chair wanted to go to lunch, so…not so much a fast day as an Indian buffet day. I ate sensibly anyway. Maybe that’s one good thing about the 800-calorie days: they’ve made me really aware of calories in general & I don’t want to waste them on crap!

So only 2 fasts in a little over a week, but I’m down 3.5 pounds this morning & it’s TOM. I’ll take it! Now, that’s down 3.5 possibly in addition to the bootcamp weight. I’ll see what I am on my trainer’s scale tomorrow.

Planning another fast for Tuesday, but that’s between bootcamp days, so I may just wait til Thursday & do just one a week until bootcamp ends, right before Thanksgiving. Ugh! The holidays. Yes, I need to find the time to keep up with this blog or I’m going to self-sabotage this holiday season. It’ll be interesting to see if I can keep it together with the support of this blog and all of you. Of course, ya’ll are probably way beyond your goals by now & ready to abandon 3FC. Time to see what’s going on!

Happy Sunday night!

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On October 26, 2008
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Quick update…

Quick cause I’m up to my eyeballs in grading & response this week. Aarrgghh!

I think the fast on Thursday may have helped. My weight dipped 2 pounds, not on Friday, but on Saturday. We’ll see what it is on Wednesday for the final weigh-in of the week. I’m doing another one on Tuesday cause it was fairly easy. Today I need to find time to exercise. The last two days I haven’t even joined hubby on walks because I know that if I can just get this grading done, this is the perfect week for me write, with long blocks of time almost totally uninterrupted by meetings. But that excuse don’t float. This big body needs to move.

The fast: I ate my usual protein shake before I went to the doctor’s office, so it wasn’t all small meals throughout the day. I also had carrots, three 50-caolrie cheese sticks, 1/2 apple, 1 Trader Joe’s fruit leather, salad with hardboiled egg, and for dinner 2 eggs scrambled with chives & a slice of whole wheat toast. Somehow I hit 800 calories on the nose. I woke up starving the next day & had about 1400 calories that day, but it was easy enough to do. so I think I’ll try 2 weekly fasts (Tuesday & Thursday, unless bootcamp on Mon & Wed make this too hard) for the next month. We’ll see if this combined with bootcamp doesn’t move that stupid scale.

Have a great day ya’ll!

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On October 20, 2008
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Okay, more on the title in a bit.

Last day of boot camp & according to the scale (which I read off myself), I lost 4 pounds. That doesn’t jibe with my home scale, but since my home scale gave me two readings with a 5-pound difference this morning, I’m thinking we may be experiencing battery issues. One of the women in my group didn’t lose a pound, so I think, THINK I trust the scale at the Y.

Anyway, the big losses seemed to be in inches all around. 1-3 inches in each area. NOW…this woman makes her living doing this, so maybe she made the inches slightly larger at the beginning so everyone would be guaranteed a loss. I don’t know. My clothes feel a little loser, & I’m feeling more compact (nice muscles forming on my calves & I think I’m developing shoulders!). But I need to take my own measurements before the next camp.

For me, the big tell was in the fitness test. I increased my number of squats, situps, & push ups (more than doubling the pushups and tripling the number of situps I can do in 1 minute). I doubled the anount of time I could hold the plant (from 1 to 2 minutes). My run time was exactly the same, which isn’t too bad considering all the stupid knee issues. But here’s the kicker. After the fitness test the first night, I came home & could barely walk the next day (no kidding). After last night’s fitness test, I’m ready to go, go, go.

So, yeah, it was worth the money & well worth the time & I can’t wait to start the next session in 2 weeks. I think I need to treat this Monday & Wednesday like boot camp days anyway, just so I don’t fall behind. & of the six of us in this session, 5 of us are signed up again, so I’m guessing everyone saw progress. I won’t have the final tally until today…she’s making copies of our first-night & last night forms. But I think I’m happy with this.

In other news…
I went for the follow-up visit to the doctor. Knee is great, which I knew since there’s been NO PAIN at all & I’m beginning to wonder how long I was actually living with this pain. But I wanted to ask him why I can’t seem to lose weight. So the whole lecture on food, which I don’t need, & calories…and small meals throughout the day…okay so I need to get back to that one. Then he told me to try a semi-fast day 1-2 times a week for a month or so. Not on exercise days, but on days when I’m not doing that much anyway, consume only 700-800 calories. I asked would my body hold on to fat then, and he argued that as long as I graze throughout the day, my body will not know the difference.

So I’m giving it a try. I started the day with my usual protein shake, putting me at 230 calories for the day already, but I’ll do 800 total today & Sunday & see what happens. I gotta see some movement on that damn scale. I think to be safe, I’ll weigh in only at the Y for the next month…& not leave anything to chance with my stupid, stupid bathroom scale.

Okay, that’s my update. I’m off to read yours now! Happy day chicks!

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On October 16, 2008
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We’ll see Wednesday…

I haven’t lost a pound, but I’m hoping I’ve lost inches. Hubby keeps saying things that make me think I’m shrinking, but how come no pounds at all? Clothes feel good, but no pounds lost! UGH! I hope another month of this insanity does the trick…loving this insanity, btw!

Still, I feel like I rock even if my abs don’t feel rock hard.

Oh & today was awesome…just what I needed after another crazy Monday. I know it’s cliche, but I’m really hating Mondays this semester. But the upside was bootcamp to look forward to & no matter how bad work gets, I HAVE to take that time off to go to bootcamp…no one & no thing can keep me away! No more, no way!

I’m rambling.

When I began that paragraph, I meant to say “Oh & today was awesome cause NO KNEE PAIN, NO PAIN OF ANY KIND!” Amazing what a difference that makes!

I’ve been doing sit ups & push ups & squats on off days, but I need to crank it up with the next month now that I know what to expect & I’m a little stronger. I bought a jump rope cause I love doing that, not so much with the bad knee, but I felt great doing it today. Yeah, time to crank it up! Okay, that’s all the catch up from me…more tomorrow when I read what ya’ll have been up to!

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On October 13, 2008
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Last week of boot camp…until the next month of boot camp!


I missed boot camp on Wednesday cause of meetings, but our trainer held a make up day yesterday morning, so I went to that instead. SO MUCH FUN! I mean, it’s agony, total agony, but not at all boring & it’s fun to see what my body can do if I just give it a chance.

So I signed up to do another month. The pounds aren’t coming off, but I’m hoping that’s a temporary glitch as the muscles build. We’ll see what my measurements are on the last day of this camp. Either way, I’m happy to be doing it again…it feels so good for me.

Hubby’s parents are coming into town today (don’t know when cause with arrival/departure times, it’s all don’t ask, don’t tell with his family), so time to clean. It’ll be nice to see them again, but we both have a ton of work that has to get done this weekend & I don’t see how that’s going to happen. Anyway, no sense getting upset…I do wish I knew if they were planning to be here at noon or 6 though. UGH!

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On October 11, 2008
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You’ve heard of “Muskrat Love”

I give you bootcamp bliss.

& I’m so glad I saved my knee for camp! Today in addition to the usual torture she comes up with, our trainer had us flipping big truck tires…not quite as big as Biggest Loser style, but still pretty big & fun…so very fun! My push ups are getting better too. While the other women opted to do modified, I did the first full round of 30 & 15 of the second round regular style before I gave in and used my knees for the last 15. So I’m getting stronger…I think.

& she gave us back our food journals from the first week. Apparently I’m the one “closest to being on point” with my eating, but I could still use more veggies, something with some redeeming value to snack on besides pretzels, & more protein. Feeling good about that. Of course, I left dinner up to hubby tonight (I usually try to throw something on before I leave for bootcamp) & he did pretty good: squash, salad, green beans, chicken sausage. But that unmistable, unbelievable smell I’m smelling now can only be an apple crisp & he’s just gone out for whipped cream. Okay, moderation & a walk before crisp.

The walks he always did back in the UP…a way to stay sane after hours staring into the computer screen, but now I’ve got him eating better too & I’m really happy about that. He told me the other day that he couldn’t remember the last time he ate a frozen pizza for dinner…& it’s been at least two months since his usual routine of a frozen pizza for dinner around 11 at night. We’re making progress, both of us, around these parts. Now if I could just shrink my biggest parts (butt, thighs, and tummy), we’d be all set!

Okay, the crisp needs tending to. Happy evening chicks!

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On October 6, 2008
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No race day… :(

I picked up my racing stuff yesterday (it’s a half-marathon as well, so there are hundreds of people doing it, so I figured I’d take advantage of the early pick up…turns out, everyone else did too) . Then on the ride back from the airport last night, I asked hubby if he’d walk it with me…slow & easy since my knee is still really owie. & he agreed. So that was the plan, do the 5k, but walk it & get hubby involved too.

Then this morning when the alarm went off, I realized how crazy it was to pay $35 just to have him join me in what would amount to a 3-mile stroll. & I couldn’t picture myself going slow once at the starting line, so I hit the alarm & went back to bed.

We just got back from a 3-mile walk, slowly around the neighborhood & the bonus of this one (aside from our not shelling out more money to do it) is the dog joined us for the walk. The downside is my knee is killing me & it gave out maybe half a dozen times towards the end of our walk.

Okay, food/calories:

breakfast: milk (102) & choc protein mix (80) & banana (50) TOTAL= 232

Lunch: pumpkin soup with seeds TOTAL = 183

Snack: slice of whole wheat bread (80) with 2 tbs peanut butter (190) (starving!) TOTAL = 270

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On October 5, 2008
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