I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


I need this place…

cause I have no idea how to push myself. Pushing myself runs counter to my personality. I am a marathon napper, an over-eater, an unmotivated couch potato.

Or maybe I’m a recovering couch potato. Maybe it’s time for a “back in the day” type of list…back in the day, I used to fight for the closest parking space, now I don’t even look for a close one…it’s nice in the back of the lot. Yeah…I need more of that in my life right now. Ya’ll got any?

Hit the Y today. Walked .1, ran 1.5, walked .1, ran .5, walked .1, ran .1, walked to round it out to 2.6 miles. The two miles mostly running I managed in 26:50, which would make for a decent 5k time if I could keep it going for another 1.1 miles. But I can’t…not yet anyway. Speeds at 4.4 to 4.8, 5.2 for the last .1 of the two miles and for the tacked on .1 mile at the end. Feeling good & ready to run again.

But I need this place cause without it, I wouldn’t have gotten on the treadmill this morning. Maybe one day, but for now I have to blog, just have to.

& I need this place cause tiny2b’s got me thinking about signing up for boot camp & that’s not something I’d ever think about doing without this place.

Okay, food:

breakfast: kashi & blueberries

Lunch: pasta-zilla (recipe below)

Snack: (after dinner) fat free/sugar free chocolate pudding & coolwhip free

Dinner: One slice of meatloaf (yum!), pasta-zilla, beets, salad

Pasta-zilla–a giant pasta salad…nutritionally sound if the pasta is whole wheat & the veggies make up at least 50% of the salad, I think. This one reflects my attempt to expand my veggie horizons…first time using kale in a pasta dish & only second time eating pattypan and yellow zucchini.

Okay, I don’t measure stuff, so not the best of recipes, but..cook whole wheat rotini & chopped kale together & run under cold water when pasta is done (note: I gave the kale a 2 minute head start on the pasta, which seemed to work). In the oven, roast onion, garlic, zucchini, yellow zucchini, carrots, & pattypan until squashes are done (carrots will retain some crunch). Chop tomato & fresh chives, basil, & parsley. Pour roasted veggies over pasta, add tomato, herbs, and pinenuts. Sprinkle with olive oil, vinegar (I used basalmic, but red wine would work too), salt & pepper. It’s a pretty dish, so maybe I’ll post a picture of it later. Thinking this with hubby’s meatloaf, a salad, & some lovely beets for dinner.

Cheers ya’ll!

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By bigprof
On August 23, 2008
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m3at49 Says:

Me, too! I’ll second that! Need this place…yup that’d be me! Hey bigprof, long time for both of us! Glad your back from “flu city”. Even though I’d never ever ever wish a slump or lull on anyone…Ahhhh I have to admit I’m glad I’m not alone in getting my shit back together. Guess that’s one particularly appealing thing about this site. Always somebody to get back on track with or somebody doing something awesome that motivates us to keep on keeping on! I’ll do my little camping stint and then be ready to rock ‘n roll. Or, my choice now, a slow run! (tee hee great comment ya made at getupnow’s)

September: Absolutely no damned tickers allowed!

We march at dawn. Pick a sign. “Down With Tickers” “Tickers Suck” “Tickers Are Fattening” 😆

eryn76 Says:

I used to be a marathon napper too… in fact I still am when the kids let me (only on the weekends, of course) Glad you are back. That pasta salad sounds yummy. And really, the chili nachos weren’t that bad…. I am a junk food junkie to the max!! Yes, some rotel dip would have been better but one has to do what one must do when one’s at work 😆

getupnow Says:

Isn’t it relaxing to go into a parking lot and not feel like you have to stalk someone for a close parking space?!?

The old me would pull up to the mailbox in the van instead of having to walk down there. 🙄

tiny2b Says:

Hold on. You mean we’re supposed to be be parking in the back of the lot? Shit. OK. I’m in. No more circling the lot.

zucchini Says:

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pasta salad recipes Says:

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