I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Got better just in time…

to help give a 2-day workshop for a local school district. Very tired, not eating well, no exercise. On top of that, the site for the workshop didn’t even have wireless, so I had no online access even during the down times & breaks.

Meetings for the next two days & they’re going to be miserable…

But hubby’s moved down & is slowly unpacking & school starts in 2 weeks, so life is about to settle down nicely. At least, I hope so!

I will say that this workshop had me in last winter’s dress slacks (our meeting room thermostat was set at about 50 degrees) & I like the way they hang so loose…so that’s an incentive: I started to imagine myself in smaller & cuter dress clothes for the winter…instead of wearing the same stuff over & over again cause nothing really fits.

So by the time the cooler weather rolls around, I want to hear myself utter the words, “gee, I guess I better go shopping cause everything I own is miles too big!”

That’s all for now…these workshops really drain me & I’m sitting here just dreaming of crawling into bed, which isn’t good since we really need to get some groceries into this house tonight or I’ll be eating crap for breakfast tomorrow. Okay, time to motivate!

Cheers ya’ll!


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By bigprof
On August 19, 2008
At 3:51 pm
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eryn76 Says:

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Sounds like you are super busy!

tiny2b Says:

I’m glad you’re better and glad you’re back and glad your pants are loose. I was THISCLOSE to coming looking for you, I swear.

getupnow Says:

Yeah! At least you aren’t sick anymore. I guess you have an excused absence. 😉

Go crazy with the fall clothes, you deserve it!


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