I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Reading, reading, reading…

Happy 4th of July everyone…& happy Independence Day to all the groovy American 3FCers!

I think hubby & I have decided to be recluses today too, just like our girl Periwinkle who is apparently happy to return to her quiet runner’s life after a too-social party. Amen to that!

Feathers is thinking of having gastric banding surgery & wonders if we think she’d be “copping out” if she did. I guess the awful Puritan dieting mentality is alive in well in Australia too! Feathers, dear, I say do whatever you think is right for you. As you say, there is no magic pill, but by golly, if there were, we’d all take it in a heart beat & never look back! If this surgery will get you where you want to be & help you live longer & happier, I think you should go for it.

eryn’s back from her trip to Rochester & promising an update. And brseay got bold & stepped on the scale…good news, although she’s apparently not prepared to be corny about this news & declare her own “freedom from fat.” 🙂

Apparently Josephine declared her independence from restrictive races…ran an official 5K only to extend it a wee bit (a wee bit much more, that is) to a 5-miler. Honestly, where do ya’ll get your motivation? She’s got a fabulous picture of herself up with this post, which is motivating me to get out & move my fat @$$.

All this running is paying off for tiny2b too! She’s down a pound &, I hope, recovering from her oldest daughter’s (and only granddaughter’s) move.

Getupnow managed to get a nice run in & she’s still losing steady despite all the family stress and worry of the last week. & she’s holding up so very much better than I would under the same circumstances.

Ya’ll rock! I swear, there’s no better motivation for me than reading your blogs…stepping on the scale: mildly motivating sometimes; having my clothes hang a little looser: motivating; feeling stronger & healthier: pretty dern motivating; but reading about your lives & your successes is pretty incredibly motivating! Guess I better motivate myself right out of here & start moving.

Have a safe & happy day!

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Writing, writing, writing…

Have had a very productive couple of days. Tuesday hubby was planning to be in at school all day, so I walked to the coffeehouse & wrote for 3 hours, then moved to one of the local brew pubs to (eat, drink, and) write for another two hours, then walked to hubby’s office, worked a bit more, & rode home with him. Got a lot of work done on one article I want to send out & even a little on a second…I’ve been revising these two articles  for over a year (although the material in both originally came from my diss, so they’ve been with me for over 4 years now, eh gads), so I’d like to see them on their merry way before the end of the summer.

Yesterday I got a lot of work done on two course syllabi…one for our intro writing class (you know, the dreaded composition class all First-Year students hate) and one for a grad-level class designed to show our composition instructors how to incorporate more multi-modal, online assignments (like composing websites, podcasts, videos, blogs) into their composition classes. I love writing syllabi…something about the format & the voice I get to use that makes writing them a blast. I’m teaching the comp course in the fall & the grad course next spring, so I’ve got a little time to tweak both syllabi before I get in the classroom.

Not much exercise yesterday. We helped a friend move, so I made a point of working steady, moving mostly boxes, for  1 1/2 hours…not too many steps, but it felt like a little bit of a workout. Let’s call yesterday my cross-training day. 🙂

This morning I’ve already finished up some busy work & now I’m going for a lovely walk & then spending the day writing. Tonight I want to start getting hubby’s house organized for his move (and for the tenant he got to rent the place who arrives in August!).  The diet’s not been great lately…did I mention the brew pub? & with moving yesterday, dinner was a slice of pizza, misc cheese & crackers, fruit salad, carrot cake, and some (3?4?) beers.

I’m thinking that until the move is done (my movers are coming on the 17th now, instead of the 22nd), I’ll just watch what I eat, try to get as many veggies into me as possible, keep the walking/running going, and shoot to maintain my weight. I know this isn’t the best approach…I mean, surrendering my dieting ideals when the going gets a little tough sounds defeatist, but I don’t want to add guilt on top of stress just cause I’m off plan for a couple of weeks. & frankly, I’m dreading the thought of balancing summer work while trying to get two houses packed up, cleaned, and moved into a third house. UGH!

Okay, enough stressing myself out, I’m off to walk the portage.

Cheers ya’ll!

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