I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


So very okay with procrastination at this point…

It’s been lovely, really. I’ve gotten a lot of work done & hubby’s done some much-needed stuff around the house (like putting in a new screen door & staining the woodwork that’s been off the walls since we drywalled over a year ago). He wants to put off packing since he’s going to stay here for another couple of weeks & that sounds very okay with me.

I’ll pack up his school office tomorrow (can’t touch his home office since it’s all the stuff he needs to write), make sure the house is clean, garden weeded, laundry done & on Wednesday I’ll head back home for my meeting . Then I’ll come back up before he has to be out of here & we’ll get serious about packing & cleaning.

Meantime, it’s our anniversary, so this is probably the ideal arrangement. It’s been a very fun & relaxing week with walks on the beach, a hike up to Hungarian Falls, a few dinners with friends, and tomorrow we’ll put up the newly stained woodwork & have a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant up here, and take a walk on the beach where we had our wedding.

Have been reading about the steps diet on hotrodmama‘s site & thinking about trying it out. It’s not that different from what I’ve been doing, but I think I need a program of some kind to focus on to get myself back on track. She lost 7 pounds in the first month & I’m at the stage where I’d kill for that kind of weight loss. Of course, I know how to lose weight: exercise, portion control, good nutrition. But I’m having trouble getting that particular trifecta this month.

Anyway, time to catch up on what ya’ll are up to (or down to as the case usually is). 🙂

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By bigprof
On July 28, 2008
At 7:50 pm
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tiny2b Says:

Happy Anniversary. So glad you’re taking time to enjoy it!

tiny2b Says:

Thinking about you as I download my new favorite Kid Rock song, “All Summer Long.” All about summer in Michigan.

getupnow Says:

Aww! Happy Anniversary mr and mrs bigprof!! I hope you enjoy your date tomorrow 🙂

I am forever trying to figure out how you have time for all that you accomplish! You have a job for goodness sakes. I stay at home and only accomplish a portion of what you do. I guess you have a little break in the summer, but still…sheesh. I need to learn from you.


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