I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Quick update

Hi ya’ll! Gee, I miss posting/reading here. I’m back to it today or tonight, though. & back to running after a week or more off tomorrow!

We closed on the house on Friday & started moving in the boxes hubby brought down & the ones I packed that night. Yesterday was pretty much filled with trips to the hardware store & moving my stuff into the new house. The movers come on Thursday, but I’m paying them by the hour, so I’m going to try to move anything I can move on my own first.

The house is great! & has a cherry & an apple tree in the back yard…which is big enough for a little vegetable garden as well. But more on my quest to eat local later.

Hubby leaves today…in a matter of minutes really, so I’ll talk to ya’ll soon!


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By bigprof
On July 13, 2008
At 8:36 am
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tiny2b Says:

I’m so happy that you found a place that you love! I also have an apple tree, two cherry trees and a veggie garden in my yard. Damned birds pillaged the one cherry tree that produced like mad this year, so we got nada… next year I am covering it with a big net.


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