I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Awesome music site for runners

This one offers playlists based on your running pace, or lets you choose songs based on that pace. Click on the link for the list you want, and it brings you right to iTunes where the songs are ready to be downloaded.


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By bigprof
On June 29, 2008
At 8:15 pm
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m3at49 Says:

Congrats on your run esp. the way ya played around and experimented with it. Just think, you used to fight to get through the running segments and now you’re tinkering with your runs. 😆 Yup, you’s be a runner! I think I will always find that first mile tough, jeeze ya think it’d be easiest of all! Crazy darned thing this running stuff! 🙂
Yes! I used Hal Higdon’s Training 10K training for a bit until I had to adjust for my periwinkling legs. Ouch!!! LOL now I’m wondering how long before I get over the 6 mile hump! Go rack up those miles runningprof.

feathers Says:

I hope the weather’s warmed up a little for you. It’s great to see how motivated you stay, finding that running music website.


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