I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Alright, let’s do this…

Yesterday was terrible!

I woke up later than I’d planned, 8:30; then read blogs for a couple of hours while waiting for my laundry to finish, realized I had errands to run (oil change for the car, yet another hold mail request, visit to the pharmacy), and I didn’t get on the road until 1:30, which got me to hubby’s around 11:00 last night.

& what a crazy food-filled drive it was. I stopped at the farmer’s market for OJ and blueberries, bought a chicken salad sandwich at my favorite lunch place (and a bag of chips, which was totally unnecessary), on top of which, I munched on roasted soy beans and about 1/4 cup of nuts & dried cherries. Ate 1/2 sandwich for lunch & other 1/2 for dinner, most of the pint of blueberries & most of the pint of OJ, but then I just decided around 9:30 that I was stopping for a cheeseburger & coffee & I didn’t even try to talk myself out of it. & I got in just a little over 2000 steps all day, so was burning next to nothing of what I consumed.

Here’s the ALL WRONG part of yesterday’s food fest: I decided to eat. I was bored to death on the car ride up…in the past, I would’ve smoked to pass the time, but no cigs for me anymore, so I ate and ate. It wasn’t all bad eating…I did make some healthy choices…but it was just mindless eating cause I was bored, which is something I thought I was through with!

Flash forward to 2:00 today & here I sit…no walk yet, no 10,000 steps before noon, no motivation, and hubby made waffles (the kind that rise over night) for breakfast. On the one hand, I know I can turn this around & get moving & salvage this day. On the other hand, I’m tempted to say “this day’s a wash already, too late” and just hang out & do nothing all day. UGH! Soclose was just talking about this: why can’t I be more consistent with my diet & exercise?

I was tempted not to post about yesterday & my lethargy today, but I guess I’m hoping I’ll chose the “turn things around” option & MOVE! Bare minimum, I need to get some green veggies into my body, stat! So I guess it’s off to walmart, which is usually good for at least 1,500 steps…then a nice walk with the dog along the portage. Okay, that sounds like a resolution. I think I just talked myself out of wallowing in yesterday’s failures & only making matters worse.

Okay, let’s do update… 

Did okay getting back on the horse! Decided to visit the local supermarket instead of Walmart. Local has a pretty limited selection & higher prices, but it’s 3/10 of a mile uphill from here, so I worked the walk in by walking to the store. I think I talked myself into it cause I figured I’d only buy as much as I was willing to carry–although when he heard I was walking, hubby requested a couple of watermellons & a case of soda :).

Got home, had a lovely salad for lunch, and took the dog for a 3-mile walk along the portage. Light dinner of whole wheat pasta with sundried tomato pesto (thank you again, getupnow for that recipe) and a caesar salad with light dressing. Now hubby & I are out for a beach walk &, possibly, swim.

I’ll have to go back to the store again tomorrow, but I’m thinking of walking to the Co-Op instead as it’s about 1.6 miles uphill (most of the way) & will hopefully have a better selection…I’m thinking bean salad & chicken sausages for dinner tomorrow night.

Cheers ya’ll!

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By bigprof
On June 28, 2008
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tjnorth Says:

hey, not every day came be a ‘great’ day. It’s the overall trend that counts – I figure if I am thinking and acting like a healthy skinny person 75% of the time (5.25 days a week…lol)I can learn to forgive myself for the 25%.

tylerdurden Says:

Getting back on the horse is the really important part, not the reason you fell off! It sounds like by the end of the day you were ready to turn it around, I hope you got in those walks and ended up feeling much more positive by bedtime!

soclose Says:

The real important thing is: you DIDN’T call the day a wash! WTG!! Suggestion for the trip munchies: sugar free gum or a warm drink and a Wasa cracker (they’re big and multigrain is only 45 cals.)


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