I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


About that run…

I’ve been thinking a lot about getupnow’s post about the C25K program & what she said really resonated with me, especially the slump I was experiencing before this trip. I was actually hating running last week cause I felt like I was able to run 2 miles, so any time I couldn’t repeat it, I felt like a failure. Now I’m back to running for that feeling of blissful accomplishment: what I run is good, provided I push myself to do more.

So Friday’s run was a lot of fun & I didn’t even mind the hard, non-moving earth beneath my feet for a change.  & it got me off to a good start this trip: my goal is to hit 10,000 steps before noon every day & I’ve managed that quite nicely so far. After the run Friday, mom & I took a couple of short walks around her condo complex & then we took my nephew to the beach to fly a kite & walked main street Hyannis before dinner (19508 steps for that day). Yesterday my brother joined me for part of a 5-mile walk & I made a point to move throughout the cookout & walk a bit at the ball park where nephew’s team won runner-up for the district (steps=17989). Today a 5 1/2 mile walk so far.

Boring post…sorry, and now it looks like we’re on the move again!

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By bigprof
On June 22, 2008
At 10:48 am
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soclose Says:

Green with envy—-guess I better put the step counter on again tomorrow!

eryn76 Says:

I think we have all come to the same conclusion… the program was sabatoging us!! Sounds like you are having a good time and you are definitely getting enough exercise with all that walking.

tiny2b Says:

Look at you, getting in exercise while you have your family time! Nice job ; )

m3at49 Says:

Ya might wanna use some of those steps to trot out & buy new shoes, you’re burning off a lot of tread with all of that stepping!

tylerdurden Says:

Wow, what a lovely way to get your exercise! How nice that it can just seamlessly blend in with real life at all moments!

feathers Says:

Wow! 10,000 before noon is an awesome goal. Fantastic.


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