I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


And now, greetings from the lower P

Caution, really boring & not very inspiring post about my dieting slump.

I’m here until first thing tomorrow morning when I fly out to MA & am tempted by mom’s cooking, delicious seafood, and really big ice cream cones…but in the meantime, I have quite a lot of work to catch up on if I’m going to be able to take some time off this week for the visit home. I weighed in yesterday morning & I’ve lost another pound, but that puts me at only 2 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks (I’ll miss another weigh in on Saturday). Yeah, I think it’s a safe bet I’m not making the 10 in 4-week challenge this month. & I really need to kick it in gear if I’m going to make my steps challenge, especially given the last few days’ numbers!

The drive down here seemed endless (10 hours & it’s always a harder trip leaving hubby &, this time, the dog). I packed a nice salad topped with coconut chicken for lunch on the road, couldn’t find any cheeries for snacking to save my life, so packed 20 pretzels and 10 slices of cheddar for when I started getting hungry around mid-afternoon. Ate all that & was left with nothing for dinner, so naturally I stopped at McDonalds. Honestly, what’s my problem? Had a cheese burger & small fry…once again, it just wasn’t good at all, but I chose & ate it. Still, there’s always the next road trip.

Hit the gym yesterday morning before my meetings. Ran for a mile & felt pretty sick (that gross, little bit of throwup in your mouth sick…sorry, TMI). Second mile I was still having the throwup problem and also felt woozy. So I stopped at 1.75 & walked the rest of the way to 2.1 miles. Big wimp, but I was afraid I’d pass out on the treadmill. I think the problem was that I went to bed hungry, woke up to find only 1/4 cups of bran flakes (more like bran crumbs) and blue berries, and didn’t have anything else to make up for it.

Food choices are limited since there’s really no reason to go shopping these two days.

Food yesterday:
Breakfast: bran flakes & blueberries
Lunch: poached egg on crumpet
Snack: iced coffee
Dinner: 3 cups pad thai with chicken
Snack: bottle of beer
Exercise: 2.1 miles on treadmill

Food today:
Breakfast: none
Lunch: planning soup & salad at Panera
Dinner: leftover thai noodles or a lean cuisine

Okay, obviously I’ve hit a slump here: my last few crappy runs and dismally slow weight loss are really starting to get to me. I’ve lost 15 pounds, but have 38 to go to my goal & at one pound a week…geeze!

I’m worried cause hitting a slump is pretty dangerous right before a trip home! Damn, I need to get it together. I’m meeting a friend at Panera, which is about 3 miles away. I think I need to walk there to earn my lunch, don’t you?

Okay ya’ll. What do you do to get out of a slump?

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On June 18, 2008
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wyndymoon Says:

This is totally unrelated to your post but I am hoping you can help me. I notice that you have 2 tickerfactory tickers in your bar. How were you able to make 2 on the tickerfactory web site. It won’t even let me make one. It keeps telling me that it only supports 100lbs or more and therefore won’t make my one. I would really like to make short term goal ones. I know that you don’t run the site but maybe you can give me an idea of how you did that and how you managed to make 2. I have tried over and over and it won’t let me do a thing. Thanks. wyndymoon.http://3fatchicks.com/diet-blogs/wyndymoon

getupnow Says:

I think some of us have jinxed ourselves with that ten pound goal! The slow weight loss sucks. I know all about it! I have got myself through 37 of the 52 pounds that I need to take off. But it has been a long haul and I am really ready to try my hand at maintaining and put this weight loss stuff behind me.

I think back to something periwinkle once said about how your body sometimes tells you what to do, not the other way around (or something like that). Your body may be telling you to slow it down and let it do some other work. I think sometimes our bodies can have some germ fighting or muscle healing to do that we are unaware of and it saps our energy/willpower for other things. Plus, you have had some serious stuff going on with your moving plans and the driving and being overloaded with work too.

I think I am digging my way out of the slump I was in. I have had to get my mind back on how the current me compares to the old me, instead of comparing myself to those who I want to be like (including you!). I had to refocus on my original goals and remind myself of what this is truly about. And sometimes we have to go back to the very basic goals. Like mine today is to have two good days in a row. I can’t even worry about trying to be 160 by the time my inlaws get here because lately I haven’t been able to be consistent for 48 consecutive hours!

Have a wonderful, wonderful trip to MA! The seafood is making my mouth water! I say enjoy it all. Doesn’t sound like you make it there very often. If you just keep portions small and cut back where you can, you won’t do too much damage.

wyndymoon Says:

Guess what? I figured it out and is working fine now. My tickers are up. Thanks anyways.

eryn76 Says:

You know what to do in order not to over do it with family. And keep exercising!! When I went to SC with inlaws a few Thanksgivings ago, I walked on the beach every morning before everyone woke up. I still ate with everyone and enjoyed (well, I ate) Thanksgiving dinner – I ended up LOSING 2 lbs over that weekend because of the walking!! Don’t miss out on enjoying and having fun with your family by worrying about what you are eating and such. Be smart and active!

We will all have down times. I’ve eaten a Chipotle burrito 2 days in a row now!! WTF?! But I know I have to get my butt back to the gym tonight. And I agree with getupnow when she says sometimes our body needs to do somethings on it’s own. We don’t give it a chance sometimes. I know my leg pain hasn’t been just because – and my feeling of exhaustedness lately. My body is trying to tell me something – I’m just too stubborn to listen!

Have a great time in MA!!

m3at49 Says:

Hello you! Oh damn that McDonald’s and their artery hardening, fat drenched, salty delicacies. Why does the smell seem so nauseating one time and yet so enticing another? As I recall there was no better cure for a hangover than a sausage McMuffin. Thank God there are none handy to here!

Bigprof, don’t you eat anything at all before an am w/o? I always have to eat something light like a yogurt and 1/2 banana or else I will feel a bit squeamish and dizzy. If not, maybe you were a bit off from all of your traveling and what. Little r&r fix ya right up!

Mini goals are good to light a little fire under your butt, but depressing if timing and circumstances don’t allow you a routine to follow so that you’ll achieve them. You’ll get there, just relax and make any healthy choices that are available to you.Enjoy your time with Mum and the big move into your new digs! Do what you can do, that’s all ya can do!

Next road trip pack a shit load of road chow! 😆

tylerdurden Says:

You’re going to have to really focus on your goals. Write them down and look at them every day while at home. You are going to persevere. You are stronger than food and you are going to make good choices and not take your frustrations out on yourself by eating junk. This is where you tell yourself to “SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP” because you are strong and you are focused and you are not going to be swayed from your path!


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