I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Awesome music site for runners

This one offers playlists based on your running pace, or lets you choose songs based on that pace. Click on the link for the list you want, and it brings you right to iTunes where the songs are ready to be downloaded.


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On June 29, 2008
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My Virtual 5K Report

After reading weelittleme’s post on her run, through rain & hail, I decided an outside run was in order. Headed out to the Portage trail & decided I’d start by seeing how fast I could run that first mile. Usually the first mile is my worst: every negative thought I have runs through my head…why am I running anyway, what if I can’t make it this mile, why not just go home & call it a day, wouldn’t a 3.1 mile walk be just as good for me. If I’m going to give up, it’s going to be in that first mile.

So today I decided to use the motivation of the virtual 5K to push myself early, rather than later on, so I tried to focus on running faster for the first mile, & found most of the negative thoughts got pushed aside as I tried to concentrate on my stride, rhythm, and breathing. Finished mile 1 in 12:30, which isn’t Olympic by any standards, but I think it was a personal best for me. The second mile I did a few short walks in there, but I didn’t check my watch to get a time for it. The first mile or so the weather was calm, but the wind kicked up, so I had the wind against me for the last leg of the trip.

Going into mile 3, I usually start to appreciate the running & begin to notice where I am. It was pretty overcast on the Portage, but still lovely out. & while the wind was a factor on the way back, it felt genuinely good, cool, and even energizing. I did some short walks for this mile too, but I tried to run the majority of it. I even ran through a few big puddles in homage to our virtual 5K leader & to all ya’ll who run no matter what the weather. This last mile I kicked it up a bit too…in fact, for most of the run, I at least felt like I was running faster (with longer strides) than my usual.

Final time for my run today was 43:30. Not great, but a bit better than my race time in May & possibly my best time yet.

Looking forward to reading about everyone else’s runs this weekend!

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Virtual 5K today!

So the virtual 5K sponsored by weelittleme is this weekend & I’m trying to motivate myself to have an outside run even though it’s chilly & rainy & will probably be windy by the Portage. Still, it’d be nice to have more to report on about my run than just “treadmill was smooth today, unfortunately the TV at the rec center was tuned to Foxnews.”

Okay, I’m off…an outside run it is.

Oh, weelittleme is moving on to Hal Higdon’s Spring Training for Novice Runners, which is supposed to get you ready for a 6 mile run. I know I’m not exactly burning up the couch to 5K program here, but I’m thinking of trying it just for the discipline & for the chance to work towards someone else’s goals. Periwinkle, is that what you used earlier this summer?

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Alright, let’s do this…

Yesterday was terrible!

I woke up later than I’d planned, 8:30; then read blogs for a couple of hours while waiting for my laundry to finish, realized I had errands to run (oil change for the car, yet another hold mail request, visit to the pharmacy), and I didn’t get on the road until 1:30, which got me to hubby’s around 11:00 last night.

& what a crazy food-filled drive it was. I stopped at the farmer’s market for OJ and blueberries, bought a chicken salad sandwich at my favorite lunch place (and a bag of chips, which was totally unnecessary), on top of which, I munched on roasted soy beans and about 1/4 cup of nuts & dried cherries. Ate 1/2 sandwich for lunch & other 1/2 for dinner, most of the pint of blueberries & most of the pint of OJ, but then I just decided around 9:30 that I was stopping for a cheeseburger & coffee & I didn’t even try to talk myself out of it. & I got in just a little over 2000 steps all day, so was burning next to nothing of what I consumed.

Here’s the ALL WRONG part of yesterday’s food fest: I decided to eat. I was bored to death on the car ride up…in the past, I would’ve smoked to pass the time, but no cigs for me anymore, so I ate and ate. It wasn’t all bad eating…I did make some healthy choices…but it was just mindless eating cause I was bored, which is something I thought I was through with!

Flash forward to 2:00 today & here I sit…no walk yet, no 10,000 steps before noon, no motivation, and hubby made waffles (the kind that rise over night) for breakfast. On the one hand, I know I can turn this around & get moving & salvage this day. On the other hand, I’m tempted to say “this day’s a wash already, too late” and just hang out & do nothing all day. UGH! Soclose was just talking about this: why can’t I be more consistent with my diet & exercise?

I was tempted not to post about yesterday & my lethargy today, but I guess I’m hoping I’ll chose the “turn things around” option & MOVE! Bare minimum, I need to get some green veggies into my body, stat! So I guess it’s off to walmart, which is usually good for at least 1,500 steps…then a nice walk with the dog along the portage. Okay, that sounds like a resolution. I think I just talked myself out of wallowing in yesterday’s failures & only making matters worse.

Okay, let’s do update… 

Did okay getting back on the horse! Decided to visit the local supermarket instead of Walmart. Local has a pretty limited selection & higher prices, but it’s 3/10 of a mile uphill from here, so I worked the walk in by walking to the store. I think I talked myself into it cause I figured I’d only buy as much as I was willing to carry–although when he heard I was walking, hubby requested a couple of watermellons & a case of soda :).

Got home, had a lovely salad for lunch, and took the dog for a 3-mile walk along the portage. Light dinner of whole wheat pasta with sundried tomato pesto (thank you again, getupnow for that recipe) and a caesar salad with light dressing. Now hubby & I are out for a beach walk &, possibly, swim.

I’ll have to go back to the store again tomorrow, but I’m thinking of walking to the Co-Op instead as it’s about 1.6 miles uphill (most of the way) & will hopefully have a better selection…I’m thinking bean salad & chicken sausages for dinner tomorrow night.

Cheers ya’ll!

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On June 28, 2008
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Home again, home again, off again, off again

This trip…

a lot of walking, a lot of family stress, and a lot of cookies, apparently were the order of the day at mom’s. I’ve tried to blog about the stress, but I can’t bring myself to post them & make them a permanent part of the internet’s eternal memory hole. So…cookies. Well, we probably shouldn’t talk about the cookies here either, and by “we,” I mean “me,” cause I’ll just try to shift the blame to my darling mom who bought the cookies rather than to me who did the vast majority of the eating of the cookies.

I think I still may have lost a pound from all the walking & stress, but would’ve lost more were it not for the…well…the damn cookies.

So I’m home for the night. Got home around 8:00 & haven’t even looked at my bed, so happy was I to have the internet again. Have caught up on my emailing, but have only scanned to see what ya’ll have been up to this week.

& I’m off again in the morning…

Should probably stick around to sort out bills & think about what I need to do before we close on the new house, but it was a stressful trip home (nothing new there, if memory serves and denial is my friend), and I just need to see hubby & dog as soon as humanly possible. If I get my act together & get to bed SOON, “as soon as humanly possible” should be around 7:00 tomorrow night…or rather, tonight, since it’s already 1:30 am.

I need a routine. No, I have a routine, but I need a routine, routine. I need a routine that doesn’t include 9 1/2 hour road trips and that takes place in one location, not two or three. It’ll be so nice to have hubby here, to have one place to call “home,” and to be able to create a schedule that doesn’t include two different gyms 550 miles apart.

Look who’s feeling sorry for herself!

Time for some good stuff:

* mom complained that some of my clothes were fitting too loosely & shouldn’t I buy something that fits now. Not going to…this size is temporary, so I’m not investing in it.

* Okay, so I didn’t buy pants or anything substantial, but I did pick up a few smaller-sized t-shirts at the Eddie Bauer outlet last trip back from hubbies. They were too cheap to pass up. x-larges I’ve been living in for the last 3 years are almost silly they’re so big, but the larges are fitting nicely & even a little loose. I feel like mediums can’t be that far away!

* Had to buy a pair of workout capris to replace the ones that I’ve worn through with all the still flabby thigh friction, but I figured I’d try a pair of shorts too…grabbed the x-large shorts & just for kicks the large as well. Tried first pair on to see if it fit tight or loose…fit really loose, so I reached for the pair I assumed were the large, turns out, the loose ones were the large pair, not the x-large. I didn’t buy them, but the large capris fit nicely & so I had a nice visit to the dressing room for the first time in a long, long time.

*I get to see my incredible husband and lovely puppy tomorrow!

*We’ve found a house down here. A nice house that we can live in, not live out of like a couple of nomads.

*I have internet & can get back into the groove with all of ya’ll after a very long week away!

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On June 26, 2008
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About that run…

I’ve been thinking a lot about getupnow’s post about the C25K program & what she said really resonated with me, especially the slump I was experiencing before this trip. I was actually hating running last week cause I felt like I was able to run 2 miles, so any time I couldn’t repeat it, I felt like a failure. Now I’m back to running for that feeling of blissful accomplishment: what I run is good, provided I push myself to do more.

So Friday’s run was a lot of fun & I didn’t even mind the hard, non-moving earth beneath my feet for a change.  & it got me off to a good start this trip: my goal is to hit 10,000 steps before noon every day & I’ve managed that quite nicely so far. After the run Friday, mom & I took a couple of short walks around her condo complex & then we took my nephew to the beach to fly a kite & walked main street Hyannis before dinner (19508 steps for that day). Yesterday my brother joined me for part of a 5-mile walk & I made a point to move throughout the cookout & walk a bit at the ball park where nephew’s team won runner-up for the district (steps=17989). Today a 5 1/2 mile walk so far.

Boring post…sorry, and now it looks like we’re on the move again!

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On June 22, 2008
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Quick post, no internet…

So weird not having internet at mom’s house, so a short post from my sister’s house: we’re preparing for a cookout…oh dear.

Food hasn’t been so great this vacation, but I’m getting in some good exercise. Yesterday started the day with a 2.8 mile run/walk, mostly run….damn, company just walked in the door…more later, I hope.

 I miss ya’ll!


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On June 21, 2008
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And now, greetings from the lower P

Caution, really boring & not very inspiring post about my dieting slump.

I’m here until first thing tomorrow morning when I fly out to MA & am tempted by mom’s cooking, delicious seafood, and really big ice cream cones…but in the meantime, I have quite a lot of work to catch up on if I’m going to be able to take some time off this week for the visit home. I weighed in yesterday morning & I’ve lost another pound, but that puts me at only 2 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks (I’ll miss another weigh in on Saturday). Yeah, I think it’s a safe bet I’m not making the 10 in 4-week challenge this month. & I really need to kick it in gear if I’m going to make my steps challenge, especially given the last few days’ numbers!

The drive down here seemed endless (10 hours & it’s always a harder trip leaving hubby &, this time, the dog). I packed a nice salad topped with coconut chicken for lunch on the road, couldn’t find any cheeries for snacking to save my life, so packed 20 pretzels and 10 slices of cheddar for when I started getting hungry around mid-afternoon. Ate all that & was left with nothing for dinner, so naturally I stopped at McDonalds. Honestly, what’s my problem? Had a cheese burger & small fry…once again, it just wasn’t good at all, but I chose & ate it. Still, there’s always the next road trip.

Hit the gym yesterday morning before my meetings. Ran for a mile & felt pretty sick (that gross, little bit of throwup in your mouth sick…sorry, TMI). Second mile I was still having the throwup problem and also felt woozy. So I stopped at 1.75 & walked the rest of the way to 2.1 miles. Big wimp, but I was afraid I’d pass out on the treadmill. I think the problem was that I went to bed hungry, woke up to find only 1/4 cups of bran flakes (more like bran crumbs) and blue berries, and didn’t have anything else to make up for it.

Food choices are limited since there’s really no reason to go shopping these two days.

Food yesterday:
Breakfast: bran flakes & blueberries
Lunch: poached egg on crumpet
Snack: iced coffee
Dinner: 3 cups pad thai with chicken
Snack: bottle of beer
Exercise: 2.1 miles on treadmill

Food today:
Breakfast: none
Lunch: planning soup & salad at Panera
Dinner: leftover thai noodles or a lean cuisine

Okay, obviously I’ve hit a slump here: my last few crappy runs and dismally slow weight loss are really starting to get to me. I’ve lost 15 pounds, but have 38 to go to my goal & at one pound a week…geeze!

I’m worried cause hitting a slump is pretty dangerous right before a trip home! Damn, I need to get it together. I’m meeting a friend at Panera, which is about 3 miles away. I think I need to walk there to earn my lunch, don’t you?

Okay ya’ll. What do you do to get out of a slump?

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On June 18, 2008
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Greetings from the UP…

Just a quick post before I head out for a run…an inside run as we have thunderstorms rolling around all morning.

Found this article on the benefits of walking today: apparently it’s good for just about everything. I think I’ll get my mom back to walking everyday when I visit her next week.

Yesterday took a nice long walk with the dog, not our normal route since this weekend the town is nuts with Bridgefest activities & our normal route would’ve taken me past fair-food vendors (there’s a rumor of a fried Oreo stand). Instead, we walked from hubby’s house in Hancock, across the bridge, and over to Tech. I usually take this trip one-way in the summer & have hubby drive me home after his class, so it doubled what I’m used to walking. Not a huge deal, but I’ve always feared the enormous hills that you have to walk up to get back home. Turns out, those hills are enormous, but they’re not to be feared at all. I like these signs that I’m in better shape this year than last.

After the walk we took a lovely afternoon nap, had dinner, and did some yard work. I got the front garden weeded & trimmed some of the weeds growing along the side of the house. Hubby mowed the lawn. Things are looking good now, but we need a few more perennials to fill in where some of the less-hearty ones didn’t survive the winter…that’s the plan for after the run & after the storms pass.

In other news, getupnow’s coconut chicken recipe was a hit with our dinner guests on Friday night. We usually play around with recipes, so with this one instead of the curry & other ingredients, we added orange & lemon zest to the coconut, used Wheaties instead of corn flakes (cause that’s what we had on hand), and seasoned the flour with paprika and cayenne pepper. Was very yummy! All we were missing was periwinkle’s recipe for iced coffee. 🙂

Okay ya’ll, that’s all for now! Have a lovely Sunday!

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Cause a girl needs a new hat every once in a while…

not as stunning or magical as Josephine’s, but here it is:


I’m not usually a hat person, but this one spoke to me in the store, so how could I possibly leave it there?

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