I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


No Sleep ’til Brooklyn!

The Beastie Boys got me through my run today.

Went back to the gym, making sure Tuesday’s run wasn’t some kind of fluke. & it wasn’t, apparently. I guess I run 25 minutes (in a row!) now. So .15 warm up walk, 1.75 run, 5 min walk, 5 min run, 4 min walk, & a run to beat the band at the end (note: for me, “beating the band” is starting at a speed of 4.4 & working up to 4.8…so, maybe “beating the four-piece ensemble” or even just “beating the piano player” would be more appropriate here). Then I finished off with a short cool down walk…”cool down walk” is also a misleading phrase as it typically takes about an hour before the red in my face fully disappears after a run 🙂

Had a good day looking at houses after that. Don’t know if we found one yet…haven’t heard what hubby thinks of the pics I sent him…but we’re getting closer anyway!

Food Today

Breakfast: bran flakes & blueberries

Snack: 100 cal granola bar while house hunting

Lunch: bowl of chicken sausage soup (last of it)

Snack: 2 WW toffees

Dinner: 1/2 chicken sausage mixed with brown rice, asparagus, & kale, big salad.

Snack: (AGAIN!) fat/sugar free pudding with lite cool whip

Exercise: 3.25 mile run/walk (mostly run!), 30 min walk around the dog park, and I might try a mat or yoga video tonight…we’ll see.

Oh & obviously I decided against running a race tonight. I was only looking for something to motivate me to keep at it & I found that something with the longer run times…in fact, I can’t wait for my next run! That & the fact that the race was an hour away, which was kinda a pain & an expense….think I’ll spend the $20 entry fee on groceries instead (what’ll that buy me these days, like a tomato and a partial share in a head of lettuce?).

Update: I’m eating too much these days & I need to get back to policing my portion sizes…those small plates I use are getting pretty packed. No wonder I’m losing at a snail’s pace. The chocolates today & yesterday were a mystery until, of course, TOM. So, chocolates & pudding & granola bar with chocolate today…mystery solved. But I need to get this under control now!

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On May 29, 2008
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getupnow Says:

I am loving the thought of the beastie boys! 25 MINUTES?!?! Good for you! And what inspiration to those of us in the 2-3 minute run days. 🙂

I’m in on the lettuce and raise you a cucumber. 😉

tiny2b Says:

Excellent! Nothing beats that oh-my-god-it’s-not-a-fluke feeling! I (heart) the Beastie Boys. That’s a great idea for my running play list that I’m going to make some day when I figure out, um, how to make a playlist. My two favorite running motivation songs at the moment are Justin Timberlake, Lovestoned (She’s freaky and she knows it, she’s freaky and I like it!) and U2 “How to Build an Atomic Bomb,” the whole album.

eryn76 Says:

HA HA HA HA — I love that your cool down walk is like an hour! That’s TOTALLY how I feel. It only takes me probably 5 minutes to walk down to the lake before I start running and then it FEELS like it takes me 30 minutes or so to get back!!!

My playlist consits of the C25K podcasts and then songs that a band that i love from NY covers… it’s not them singing, but it is the closest thing I have to them. My problem is that every song or podcast is on there like 3 or 4 times. But when I look at it on my computer, it’s only there once. I don’t get it.


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