I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Long walk, otherwise uneventful day…

Took the dog for a 5 mile walk in the morning…down the local trail. Another 1 mile walk tonight…he’s pooped, but I feel good. Did my pilates video late, but it’s only 20 minutes & for the first time, it’s not kicking my butt too badly. Usually when I start it up again, it takes about 4 good weeks of doing it 3-5 times a week before I’m ready to move on to the advanced program, but I think I’ll be ready early next week.

Food was okay today.

Breakfast: cheerios and blueberries

Lunch: yummy chicken sausage soup & big salad

Snack: W/W chocolate toffee

Dinner: brown rice with asparagus, big salad, 4 mini crab cakes from Trader Joe’s.

Ooh, I went shopping & found the couscous brand that getupnow recommended. I figured I’d have to go to whole foods or get it online (it just looked too dern healthy for a regular grocery store), but there it was sitting next to the other brands. I’ll try it out over the weekend mixed with whatever veggies I find at the farmer’s market on Saturday…one of my favorite lunches is couscous mixed with roasted eggplant, garlic, and grape tomatoes…a very satisfying meal & this whole grain stuff will make it healthier too.

That’s all for now ya’ll! Good night!

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By bigprof
On May 28, 2008
At 8:18 pm
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getupnow Says:

Ahh. Sounds yummy, bigprof. I mixed the shiitake mushrooms in mine, but I haven’t tried roasted veggies.

Good for you on the pilates!! I wish I could get myself to commit to some sort of strength exercises. I am trying to find the motivation on that one. I mean, with running it is so easy to feel, see and measure progress so it is easier to muster up the motivation. I am not finding other stuff as rewarding so I am really struggling with getting something started for my off-days from c25k.

m3at49 Says:

Okay, I’m in! Quit twisting my rubber arm so hard, ouch! We’ll wave a little heart healthy couscous over the top of the blender. 😀


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