I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


The b!^&@ is back!

That’s right, I’m back on track. Feels like I’ve been gone forever, but my eating was okay while I was away & eventually I pulled out of my exercise slump. It’s amazing: we’d go out looking at houses for hours and hours every day & I’d come home exhausted, & check the pedometer to see that, really, I’d barely moved at all!

So hubby left on Friday and Saturday the dog & I set off in the morning, bound for the farmers’ market in town. It’s just over 4 miles round-trip, so we did some wandering around down town to add to our walk, but clearly I need to find a longer route to the market. Picked up some amazing grape tomatoes, 2 giant leeks, green leaf lettuce, and some delicious summer squash. Yesterday I used the leeks to make a really nice stock (cooked and creamed them in chicken stock) and added some chicken sausage, potatoes, and a ton of kale for a really awesome soup.

Today I got a late start with my run, compounded by the fact that I’d left the shuffle on all night, so had to re-charge the battery. This was to be my first run on the local trail. Of course, my car was way below empty, so had to gas up first…$4.05! Then as I neared the trail entrance, it dawned on me that this was just a bad idea: first clue was that the road was blocked off, second was the giant crowds, third was the sign reading “Parade Route.”

So I came home, decided I was lacking motivation, and looked online for a race I could plan for. There’s one on Thursday night just outside of Flint, so I’m going to run tomorrow and then race on Thursday (if all goes well, that is). Settled for now to do .25 on the treadmill and a .75 run outside (damn hot). Then my 20-minute pilates workout (think I’ll be moving on to the more advanced one on Wednesday) and 8-minute buns.

Our girl tiny2b is training for her big race & has already jogged the race route! Go tiny!

Fit chick did a 5.5 mile run without even thinking about it, apparently. Now I ask you, will I ever get to the point where I’m running 3 miles & it just doesn’t seem long enough so, what-do-ya-know, I gotta go 5.5, easy peasy? Damn I’m so impressed!

I see feathers has left for vacation & not back til June…I know it’s not far off, but it seems like a long time. I think she practically promised us pictures of whales…at least, that’s how I read her post ;). soclose and A. are out of town too this weekend…with luck the gas prices kept most people off the road & they had an easy trip there & back.

getupnow’s got another winning recipe under her let them eat gravy post…a Peach French Toast Bake. Hubby loved the pesto so much, I can’t wait to try this out on him the next time I’m up there!

Finally, all I’m going to say is that once again this week, there appears to be a whole lot less of Josephine. She’s a dieting & exercising machine!

Okay, hope ya’ll have a lovely Memorial Day filled with family, friends, and yummy (but healthy) bar-b-que. 🙂

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On May 26, 2008
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m3at49 Says:

🙂 was wondering ‘wazupwitya’. So nice to pop in and get a little update on ‘who’s up to what’ through your blog! Yes I did make a big splurge ahead with my running, and still not sure what to make of it! Am I over the hump?…could it happen so easily?…or do the running gods toy with me?…inquiring minds want to know! 😆

Wait for it, girl! In the not too distant future, I predict a 4 mile run for you, and will that be enough? Nooooo! You’ll hunger for more! Perhaps a 5 miler will be to your liking? Hmmmm? And then what? Mwah-Ha-Ha-Ha!

tylerdurden Says:

Oooo, picking a race is always so motivating! I know it gives me all sorts of focus, so I think that was a great idea. Can’t wait to hear all about it!


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