I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Life seems to be getting in the way of my life…

Hubby left town today to go back to work on the diss. I’m hoping to get up to see him in two weeks before I go home to visit family for a week.

No luck on the home-search front, but not for lack of trying. Clearly this is going to take awhile.

Lost 1.1 pds. Not much given how long I’ve been off of the scale, but I’ll take it. Gee, I guess I have no choice with that one. And at least my steps from last week made up for my lack of steps this week, so I’m still on target to reach that goal 2 weeks from now.

Work stuff took center stage today, but I’ve promised the dog a long walk tonight, so with luck I’ll be on target for my steps today. I think I’ve decided the new training schedule won’t kick in until Monday. A new leaf, that sort of thing. Like my title says, this life stuff is really interfering with my exercise & diet. Of course, that means I haven’t adapted either of those things to the rather haphazard nature of my life and my schedule. I need to figure out how to do that next.

But I hope to get a long walk in tomorrow–I’m planning for a walk into town for the farmer’s market. I went last week & parking was crazy, so I figure the market will give me a destination to work towards & make the whole experience more pleasant since I won’t have to face traffic.

Oh, I came home today to a gift from amazon.com. Hubby helped one of his profs move last weekend & she gave him a $100 gift certificate (yeah, he was shocked by the amount too since he figured he was just being a nice guy). Anywho, I told him to use the money to help get himself a new iPod (his is a 4-year old Zen that’s shot) & mentioned I might even get myself an iPod shuffle with my “incentive” check….my MP3 player the university bought for me cause I do some audio work & podcasts with my students, but it’s an I-River (great for podcasts, but huge & not even vaguely good for running). Anyway, I guess he used the gift certificate to get me a lovely, delicate, oh-so-light, green and groovy shuffle. It’s so damn cute!

We’re not a romantic kind of couple, which works for me. He knows I prefer perennials in pots to cut flowers, we celebrate our anniversary with a toast every year, what we give each other for Valentine’s day is a promise not to do anything for Valentine’s day & we both feel awkward on the kinds of romantic dates and vacations some of our friends seem to thrive on. He bought me a new toilet tank valve our second Christmas together and installed it for me since mine kept running…bought me other stuff too that year, but I’ll always remember the tank valve. Anyway, the shuffle was unexpected & so sweet. His way of supporting my running.

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On May 23, 2008
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tiny2b Says:

We’re the same way. My husband is “frugal” (cough*cheap*cough) so every year for his birthday I give him something that is an ultra bargain, or possibly something salvaged from Goodwill. He loves it. I, on the other hand, like “real” presents. In April we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary and he gave me a diamond necklace… first piece of jewelry he has ever purchased for me other than my wedding ring, which I picked out. Pretty special, but a toilet valve is nice too, ha!

m3at49 Says:

1.1 pounds down…not up! See doesn’t that look better! 🙂 Jeeze what will ya be pulling for numbers when life’s back to norm? Work it, girl!!!

LOL…I loaded sis in laws shuffle for her and by the jumping Moses they ARE itsy-bitsy! My guy asked ‘where is it”? I said “right here” He goes “where? I don’t see it”! 🙂 What a thoughtful surprise gift for you!

“Toiletries” (sigh) must be true luv sweet luv!


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