I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Yeah, I think that was bliss…

5k today & lesson learned. What I thought was terrible running weather last week–overcast, cold, windy–was actually pretty ideal running weather today.

Did the 5k in 47:20 (or 47:19 or 47:21, I couldn’t tell with the clock). I think I did the first mile in about 13 mins, though, which is a new record for me, but I was sort of carried along at the beginning. Actually, it was a slow start & I started even slower since I started in the middle of the group & it took forever after the buzzer for me to actually cross over the starting line.

Next time I’ll be a bit braver & move closer to the front of the crowd so I don’t lose valuable seconds waiting for a few hundred other runners to start, but I don’t want to be first & get in the way of the serious runners either. The crowd became a problem a few times…sometimes a bottleneck as we moved from taking up the whole street to using just a sidewalk or a wooded path was just the excuse I needed to slow down, but other times they were just an annoyance to be got around. Note to self: need to practice running on the grass.

What fun & I can’t really explain why it was fun. But here’s what ya’ll need to know. The winner finished in 17:06, so she (and her ilk) were so far ahead that they didn’t even factor into my experience of the race at all. My people were the group I came to call the “C25Kers.” Walk some, check your watch, run some, check your watch, repeat. I felt pretty at home during this race, pretty in my element…& I think it was just the motivation I needed to continue running.

& damn it felt good to be done, driving home with a race number & a great t-shirt & a huge sense of accomplishment that was actually too big to fit in the back seat, so I threw it in the trunk instead.

Thanks again for all the encouragement ya’ll. You really kept me going during the race itself & during these last 11 weeks training for the race.

Oh, and soclose, the volunteers were amazing & I thanked as many of them as I could find (turns out, they’re spread out all over the course, sometimes to do nothing more than applaud you as you come along…nice people!).

Breakfast: special K & blueberries

Snack: granola bar

Lunch: 4 oz cherry-chicken burger & asparagus dish

Snack: 12 pretzels


Exercise: 5k plus 2 hours of looking at houses for sale

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By bigprof
On May 18, 2008
At 11:20 am
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soclose Says:

Fantastic that you had such a great fun experience with your first race!!!!! If you go to the website of the group doing the timing, you can probably find your name and official time in your age and gender grouping. Sounds like a VERY large race; you will find many races with smaller fields if you continue. Was it chip timed? Anyway, YAY, YOU!!!!!

tiny2b Says:

(Cue Cheezy Casey Casem voice-over): And now we have a special dedication to a special lady on a very special day…

(Cue Cheezy Bette Middler song): Did you ever know that you’re my hero? You’re everything I would like to be. And I can fly higher than an eagle ’cause you are the wind beneath my wings.


m3at49 Says:

Now that’s the ticket! Just what I was hoping to hear, that you actually enjoyed it. I have to admit I am a little bit envious, and happy for you, too, of course…and oops there’s that touch of envy again! 😀 That sure sounded like such a good time, bigprof, and so interesting to hear about it from a first race perspective. I wonder if these races become addictive? A 5k to a 10k on to a half marathon and then full marathons 🙂 Making my legs ache ouch!
Congrats on your very first race…I get a sense there’ll be more 😉
You’re an awesome running chick! There’s no stopping ya now!

getupnow Says:


Just got back from a chaotic weekend and I couldn’t wait to check in and see how it went for you! I am doing a happy dance for ya 😀 Listen to you, not wanting to get in the way of the “serious” runners. Honey, you ARE serious!! I guarantee you that you have sunk just as much heart and soul into this as anyone else, probably more! So get your badass self up to the front next time! YOU ROCK! 😎

feathers Says:

What a blast. You did that race and you felt good about it. That’s a whole new world of fun and you can do it. Yeah, getupnow is right. You do rock!


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