I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


too early for a milestone?

Yesterday I had my usual breakfast, lunch, & snacks. Then for dinner I planned to have a big salad with about 4oz of beef (200 cals) on top for some substance to the meal. The salad was excellent, but I spent the night hungry and could’ve easily overdone it on the snacks if I hadn’t been diligent & stayed out of the kitchen. By midnight I was starving & cursing myself for not realizing how little nourishment I’d given my body.

And all day today I was dragging, so when I went to make the same salad tonight, I realized I’d need some veggies or a starch to go with it. So I opened the freezer to see what I wanted & spotted a lean cuisine fettucini alfredo (280 cals). Then I got a brilliant idea. Olive Garden’s been advertising this steak and cheesey pasta meal that normally wouldn’t appeal to me at all, but it does now since I’m dieting. So I decided to do the low-cal version: my beef on top of the lean cuisine.

All is well as until, midway through making dinner I realize that I’m about to break a rule & have a dinner without a salad and raw veggies on the side. & it’s too early in this new routine to start breaking the rules, so I make up a dinner salad & pull last night’s bowl of leftover carrots, radishes, and olives from the fridge. Pour the lean cuisine onto a small plate (never done that before) and top it with the beef & it hits me: there’s a lot of food on that plate! Then I look around at the salad and veggies & realize that I have too much food all around.

So I ate the whole salad, polished off the veggies, ate half the lean cuisine creation, and packaged the rest up for lunch tomorrow. I’ve been noticing that the salad & veggies with dinner thing really helps me to cut down on the amount of other food I consume, and I guess tonight is proof of that cause normally I’d find the lean cuisine portions to be much too small.

Another rule I realized I’ve been following: all meals at the kitchen table & no TV, books, or internet to distract me into mindless munching. Of course, this was much more pleasant when hubby was home last week and I had company for dinner, but now I can really be conscious of what goes into my body & how much of it goes in.

Didn’t do any yoga/mat work today & only a 30-min walk with the dog so far, but I’ll do the mat work tomorrow (or hit the gym for some weight training) and get in at least 20 mins on the treadmill (so I can reach my 35 mile treadmill mark this month!).

Update: finally motivated myself to get on the treadmill around 8:30 with the promise I’d do only 20 mins at 3.4 mph. Ended up doing 30, so am going to bed feeling like today was a success.

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On March 17, 2008
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